Kenny spends the next few days in a state of shocked lethargy. Byron has made that promise no to phone call anyone what taken place at Collier"s Landing, and the household simply assumes the Kenny"s weakness and also malaise is simply a reaction to the heat. On Sunday, as soon as Joey pipeline for church, Kenny states good-bye to her and also notices the she is wearing "little lacy white socks and her shiny, shiny black shoes." He climate goes outside and sits under a tree; that is just dozing off when he hears a sound "like a far-off thunderstorm coming," adhered to by an eerie silence. Dad and Byron look out from inside the house, wondering what has caused the noise, yet Kenny, too exhausted to also be curious, leans back versus the tree and also closes his eyes. The is about to autumn asleep again as soon as he hears Momma scream; a neighbor has actually just quit by and reported that a bomb has been to reduce on Joey"s church.

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Kenny stands in the residence in a daze as the rest of the family leaves precipitously because that the church. He goes come the porch and also sees all the neighbors racing under the street, and also he instantly follows. When Kenny arrives at the church, he sees surreal photos of his family members holding onto each other outside the destroyed building and a guy carrying a little girl in his arms; it looks prefer the man has actually been painting "with red, red paint." Kenny notices in certain that the girl is wearing "black shiny, shiny shoes." together he wanders into the church itself, that is surprised the no one stop him, and also he captures glimpses that confusion and carnage all around him, smoke and billowing dust obscuring "Bibles and coloring publications thrown all over the place." Kenny comes upon a "shiny, shiny black color shoe lie halfway underneath part concrete," and also as he reaches under to choose it up, the envisions the structure Pooh hanging onto the other end of it. Kenny gives the shoes a desperate tug and it pops loose from a frilly white sock; in a panic, he slips unnoticed out of the church, previous "people lying roughly in tiny balls on the grass crying and twitching...squeezing every other and also shaking." Hoping the the structure Pooh is not following him, Kenny to walk quickly and quietly back come Grandma Sands"s house.

as soon as Kenny gets back to his room, he sit on his bed and also examines the take it shoe the has lugged with him. The believes it is Joey"s and also that she is dead, and also he tries come remember if he had actually been typical to her that morning. Kenny is surprised as soon as Joey appears before him, demanding to know how he has...

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