Ouran High School organize Club: 10 Hikaru Hitachiin Facts many Fans Don't understand Hikaru is a fan favorite member that the organize Club. Yet there"s plenty about him many fans overlook.

The personalities that occupy the twenty-six illustration rollercoaster ride the is Ouran High School hold Club are all exceptionally well-written, through a many depth come be explored if viewers room willing to take the plunge- and also are also further increased upon once the manga is taken right into account. Out of the whole colorful cast, the host Club itself is discussed and fawned over the most, even to this day. In particular, we"ll be taking a look at the larger Hitachiin twin, Hikaru, and ten things that even committed fans still might have missed.

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So, today, we"ll be going end ten points than even devoted Hikaru fans could not know about his rather complex character.

although Hikaru is taken into consideration the "leader" twin and also is technically the elder the the pair, the isn"t yes, really the instance when it comes to the differences in their emotional maturity. In spite of being seen by most as the organic leader the end of the pair, it"s actually Kaoru that is more mature in terms of social interaction and also processing his own feelings.

Throughout the show, we obtain tastes the Hikaru"s emotional outbursts as a an outcome of this immaturity, and it"s the same mature Kaoru who typically helps him type through things, in the end. It really is a good dynamic that these two have actually when castle aren"t going overboard.

Hikaru prefers to act like the only things the cares about in life are his twin and (sometimes especially) developing mischief and also pulling insensitive pranks top top others, however his favorite scholastic subjects paint a different picture. While it"s never proclaimed outright through Hikaru, in a manga page dedicated to his character, his favorite topics are noted as "physics, chemistry and also math". It"s incredibly exciting to check out a personality who normally doesn"t take much seriously have such an attention in STEM fields.

while Hikaru acts like Haruhi is his "toy" for amusement, and presents rather in his life with a similar, self-centered and uncaring attitude, he actually fiercely cares because that those that he lets right into his very closed-off world. Anytime Haruhi briefly reconnected (totally platonically!) through a high college classmate who offered to have a like on her, Hikaru lost it, exclaiming the his no hope attempts at flirting were "pathetic". He likewise questioned why she needed any type of other friends as soon as she already had the twins, showing how small his see of the human being still was at the time.

7 Hikaru"s Realization

In the anime, return Hikaru did walk out v Haruhi, it was orchestrated through Kaoru and also the others- and also Hikaru had actually fun, but that isn"t the exact same as emerging genuine feelings. He prospered a little as a person when that went after and comforted Haruhi, but he was still oblivious to his own feelings of romantic attraction. However, in the manga, this in reality gets occurred further, and also Kaoru bring away Haruhi on a date as well.

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Despite both twins having feelings for Haruhi, in the end it"s Kaoru who chases after Hikaru once he operation away as soon as again and also helps him realize what his true feeling for she are.

out of every the host Club members, Hikaru and Kaoru room really the only ones whose hair goes v dramatic move throughout the series. In the anime, Hikaru"s hair is just dyed pink because that a quick time (and then light-blue also shorter) until the twins" prank is up. However, in the manga, the definition goes a little bit deeper 보다 that.

In the manga, Hikaru"s natural shade is portrayed as auburn, i m sorry he later on dyes dark-brown come solidly create his freedom from Kaoru.

5 meaning Of A Rose"s Shade

every Host has actually their very own rose color assigned come them, generally depicting something around their inside personality. In the elder twin"s case, his rose color is blue, which symbolizes loyalty. In reality, since the blue rose doesn"t exist, it likewise symbolizes attaining the impossible.

This second meaning is particuarly ironic to Hikaru, together he"s presented throughout the series consistently unable to gain what he wants- being a romantic relationship with Haruhi as well as full self-reliance from his brother.

It"s simple to see the Hitachiin pair at surface-level, revealing nothing around their family life as well as the reality that they"re (obviously) rich and also pretty spoiled. The two always seem to just depend on every other, however in the anime, we aren"t sure exactly how much that extends into their residence life.

It in reality does quite a bit- what we see of the twins at school is exactly how they nice much always are, together the 2 state the their parents are constantly working. Aside from the maids the come and also go, they yes, really did only have actually each other.

3 like Mother, like Son

In the manga, next from learning just exactly how much the twins have actually grown to count on every other as result of their family life, we likewise get an additional glimpse into their family. We discover that Hikaru"s mother is a fashion designer, and is also where the elder pair picked increase the quite flashy-yet-cool sense of format he has actually a habit of depicting whenever not required to wear his academy uniform or something the Tamaki had actually put together.

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It"s also said that many of Hikaru"s appearance and personality come indigenous his mother, as well.

Most characters aren"t just provided their names without any sort the meaning, which absolutely holds true as soon as it pertains to the members of the hold Club, though some connections might not be as apparent at an initial glance.

Hikaru"s name method "light", and though at an initial it have the right to seem to not have any kind of connection, it could very well represent his development throughout the series into a person that"s ready to watch the lighter side of things and also see the light in others, rather of just thinking that he only has actually himself and also his twin to count on.

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1 His True, type Nature

if he might act self-centered, and also it"s obvious that the more implicit elements of their "Brotherly Love Package" are just an act, Hikaru"s deep-seeded caring nature isn"t. Whenever Kaoru is injured during one of their acts, Hikaru is shown afterwards to tho be extremely worried around him, wanting to be in ~ his side to make sure nothing was in reality wrong. It"s likewise another an excellent example of his loyalty shining through, together he never ever wants come be except the side of the human he cares about more than something in the world.

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