We tend to think of the Lord’s Supper as just being linked to the critical Supper, wherein Jesus celebrated the Passover meal through his disciples. At that meal, Jesus broke bread and also said, “This is mine body, i m sorry is given for you. Perform this in remembrance the me.” climate he took the cup and also said, “This is the new covenant in my blood.”

But only linking the Lord’s Supper come the last Supper misses the deep relations throughout Luke’s gospel. Israel already had a deep link with the Passover to the whole of Israel’s story–from Creation, to the Flood, the Exodus, the cross of the Jordan right into the promised land, and beyond. God was v His human being from the really beginning the time, acting as a forgiving Father who loves, redeems, and also renews his people.

In John mark Hicks’ book Enter the Water come to the Table, the rightly says, “At table, Jesus receives sinners and confronts the righteous. In ~ table, Jesus extends elegant to seekers yet condemns the self-righteous. Jesus eats v ‘others’ to introduce them to the kingdom. . . The table is missional, communal, and also hospitable” (pg. 48).

Luke documents three times where Jesus messiah is host at the table–the feeding the the 5,000 in Luke 9, the critical Supper in Luke 22, and also the article resurrection enjoy the meal in Luke 24. In all three Luke undeniably web links them with the language: Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it. Hicks states the feeding of the 5,000 is far-ranging for this reasons: “First, it is the only meal in Luke before the last Supper wherein Jesus is the host. Second, it consists of language the is clearly tied come the last Supper. Third, the Messiah, as a new Moses, feeds his people in the wilderness” (pg. 48).

We cannot miss the meaning of these intentional links. All 3 were in the evening. The suppers were organized by the messiah himself. Castle looked forward to the kingdom anew. At the third table, the resurrected Jesus organized the meal on the very first day of the week, demonstrating the continued hope and renewal us will find at the final banquet!

So the Lord’s Supper is not only around remembering Jesus. At the table, Jesus and also God’s heart are communing with us. We look back with Israel’s history, us remember Christ and also him crucified, and, v the resurrection, we anticipate the future as soon as we will certainly recline at the table v Jesus and also all his saints because that eternity. But, equally together important, we invite people come the table through us.

The table was no exclusive. As Hicks says, it to be missional, communal, and hospitable. We must revision the table wherein we invite world to participate in the redeeming story of Christ. The Lord’s Supper unites people at the an extremely table whereby Jesus is host.

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The invites people to repent, be baptized, gain the seal that the Spirit, and celebrate at the table.