There is several fun to be had actually on Krawk Island, and also that contains searchin’ because that booty! Er– treasure, that is. Over at buried Treasure, you deserve to put down a tiny money because that a possibility to win large money, and more!



Buried treasure is a very simple game. First, you have to agree to salary 300np come play the game, i beg your pardon you have the right to do every 3 hours. All the the civilization that play pay this, and it every going right into a accumulation jackpot (that starts at 1 million NP) that will certainly go to the next winner!NOTE: throughout the month the November, hidden Treasure only expenses 150np to play, and also on Neopets’ date of birth (November 15th), hidden Treasure is free!

The possible winnings below are the cumulative jackpot of 2,845,550 NP! great me luck.