Renee Olstead gives the scoop ~ above Madison’s ‘internal struggle’ this season.

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On The an enig Life that the American Teenager,Madison (Renee Olstead) is finding out the hard way that that doesn’t salary to it is in slutty. Lauren (Camille Winbush) and also Amy (Shailene Woodley) tho haven’t forgiven her for sleeping with Lauren’s boyfriend Jesse (Austin Stowell) — and also it doesn’t look like they’re going to give in any type of time soon.“It’s walking to be a while before Amy and also Lauren permit her back in the friend circle,” Renee speak exclusively.

“At her core, she’s still a follower,” Renee states of Madison. “By sleeping with she friend’s boyfriend, she was simply trying come validate herself. Ns think she validates it s her through other people, and that’s miscellaneous she’s never strayed too much from. Through nature, she’s someone who wants to gain approval from other people.”

Renee states Madison will invest the remainder of the season trying come earn back the girls’ trust, and her journey can just lead her under a whole new path.

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“Anyone who lost their finest friends would be jumping with hoops trying to acquire them back,” Renee says. “She doesn’t feel choose she’s a component of them, and also she’s realizing how difficult it is to do it without her best friends. There’s walk to it is in a lot of inner struggle for Madison.”

What carry out YOU think about the rift in Madison’s friendship v Amy and also Lauren? should they pardon her for resting with Jesse, or should her skanky ways acquire herexiledfrom the team forever? Leave her thoughts in the comments ar below, and also be sure to check out alphabet Family’s Secret Life page for more show info.

— Andy Swift


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