Windows is Microsoft’s flagship operation system, the de facto traditional for home and business computers. Introduced in 1985, the GUI-based OS has been exit in countless versions because then. The user-friendly home windows 95 was greatly responsible because that the rapid advance of an individual computing.

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What is another name because that an operation system?

What is another word for operating system?

UNIX Windows
system software disk operating system
MS-DOS systems program
computer operation system core

Is an operation system also called a platform?

The operating device is regularly referred to together the software program platform. In numerous application programs, this attribute is offered to administer information or inquiry input. Most operating systems support the capability to run and switch in between different applications.

What are the 5 operating system?

Five the the most common operating systems room Microsoft Windows, to apologize macOS, Linux, Android and also Apple’s iOS.

What is a system utility?

System energy programs are used to perform or change information the is pertained to data sets and volumes, such together data set names, directory entries, and volume labels. Most functions that system utility programs deserve to perform are performed more efficiently with other programs, such together IDCAMS, ISMF, or DFSMSrmm™.

Is Android a communication or OS?

Android is a Linux based mobile operating system developed by the open Handset Alliance led through Google. Android boasts huge community of developers writing applications extending the use of the devices. It has 450,000 apps in that is Android Market and also download above 10 exchange rate count.

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What’s the difference between an operation system and also a platform?

An OS is pure software while a communication is the mix between the OS and also the kind of hardware, specifically the CPU, it runs on.

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