The prize is FalseThe Oxford English thesaurus is a descriptive dictionary of the English language and An abridged version of a publication is a reduce version: it"s not complete since parts have been reduced or omitted. Occasionally you have actually time to read every one of something, however other times you don"t.

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(1) fire prolonged humans’ geographical limits by permitting them come travel right into regions that were previously too cold to explore. (2) it also kept predators away, enabling early people to sleep securely. (3) fire, in fact, has actually been a far-reaching factor in human advance and development in plenty of ways. (4) other evident benefits of fire space its offers in cooking and also in hunting. (5) most likely even an ext important, however, is that learning to control fire enabled people to adjust the an extremely rhythm of your lives. (6) before fire, the human day-to-day cycle coincided with the rising and setup of the sun. (7) v fire, though, humans obtained time come think and talk around the day’s events and also to prepare tactics for coping with tomorrow. The sentence the expresses the key idea is: (type the variety of the sentence. Climate click “go.”)
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Review the skilled from the code publication in this paragraph the writer uses a actual life instance to show how cryptography can the government can it is in dangerous is a swiss specialty is unreasonably expensive
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What idea-generating technique allows members come intentionally construct unconventional or outlandish ideas? brainstorming
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Read the excerpt from thing 18 in frankenstein. Alas! to me the idea of an prompt union through my elizabeth was among horror and dismay. I was tied by a solemn promise which i had not yet fulfilled and also dared not break, or if ns did, what manifold miseries can not impend end me and also my specialized family! might i get in into a festival through this deadly weight yet hanging round my neck and bowing me come the ground? i must perform my engagement and let the monster depart through his mate prior to i allowed myself to enjoy the joy of a union from which i meant peace. Research this excerpt to analyze the method the author’s an option of words adds to the an interpretation and impacts the ton of this portion of frankenstein. What does victor typical when he talks about “this deadly load yet hanging ring my neck and bowing me to the ground”? just how do these words impact the tone at this suggest in the story? use examples and also evidence native the text to assistance your analysis. Frankenstein chapter 18