Active cell
The selected cell v a bold outline. Data have the right to only be gotten in into an active cell.

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Adjacent cellsCells the are alongside each other.
ArgumentData compelled by a duty to perform calculations.
Arrow keysEnters data and also then selects the following cell in the direction of the arrow key.
AVERAGEFunction that adds the worths of the cells in a range and divides the result by the number of cells in the range.
BoundaryThe bar separating the tower letters at the optimal of the worksheet.
CellThe intersection of a row and also column. Every cell have the right to store a solitary item of data.
Cell referenceThe pillar letter and row number offered to determine a cabinet such as B3.
Circular referenceAn error the occurs as soon as a formula referrals the cabinet it is stored in.
Column letterLetter in ~ the height of the worksheet provided to identify individual columns.
DataData in the type of a calendar date.
Enter keyEnters data and also then selects the next cell in the column.
Esc keyCancels data entry and also restores the original contents of the cell.
ExcelThe spreadsheet applications in Microsoft Office.
Fill handleThe heavy square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell that is supplied to copy the contents of a cell to surrounding cells.
FormulaMathematical statement provided to calculate a value. A formula must constantly begin with an same sign. For example, =C5+D7 is a formula.
Formula barArea near the optimal of the worksheet window that displays the contents of the energetic cell.
FunctionPerforms a calculate that results in a solitary value. The formula =SUM(B3:B8) includes the amount function.
GridlinesSolid present that note off the rows and also columns in a worksheet.
Insertion PointA blinking vertical heat that shows where the following character typed will be placed.
Labeltext stored in a cell the cannot be supplied in calculations.
Name boxLocated close to the top of the worksheet window. Screens the cell referral of the energetic cell.
Order the OperationsThe rules Excel supplied to evaluate a mathematical expression. You re welcome Excuse mine Dear Aunt Sally.
PointingClicking a cell to place its reference in a formula.
RangeSelection of two or an ext cells.
Relative cell referenceA cell recommendation that when duplicated reflects the row or obelisk it has actually been replicated to.
ROUNDFunction that alters a value by rounding it to a specific variety of decimal places.
Row numberThe number down the left next of the worksheet offered to identify individual rows.
Scroll barsUsed to display screen rows and columns not at this time visible in the worksheet.
Sheet tabsUsed to display screen the three worksheets in the workbook.
SpreadsheetData shown in the rows and also columns.
SUMFunction the adds the worths in a variety of cells.
Tab keyEnters data and then selects the next cell in the row.
TimeData in the kind of a time. (i.e. 12:30 PM).
ValueNumeric data that is stored in a cabinet that have the right to be supplied in calculations.
WorkbookAn Excel spreadsheet file.

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WorksheetSheets in one Excel workbook offered to present data in an arranged format.
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