one of the most beloved of modern-day classics returns through a beautiful brand-new cover. The enchanting story of 2 unlikely friends, a black ex-GI and the head that a group of German nuns, The Lilies that the field tells the story that their impossible dream--to build a chapel in the desert.

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This was actually a really neat story. The main character is a black guy who was lugged up together a southern Baptist, and also who doesn't choose to have actually a "boss" end him (he likes come be totally free to do every little thing he wants, whenever that wants). He's steering along simply doing whatever and stops to satisfy some German Catholic nuns who space working really hard outdoors structure a fence, and decides to chip in by help them repair some roof shingles. Immediately there is a language obstacle because the nuns are learnin This was in reality a really neat story. The main character is a black male who was carried up as a southerly Baptist, and who doesn"t choose to have a "boss" over him (he likes to be free to do whatever he wants, whenever the wants). He"s control along just doing whatever and stops to fulfill some German Catholic nuns who are working really tough outdoors structure a fence, and also decides come chip in by helping them repair part roof shingles. Instantly there is a language barrier because the nuns are finding out English and also so there"s no a lot of talking going on in between the nuns and this man. The "Mother" of the nuns is an amazing character too. She doesn"t "praise" this male for his difficult work and actually expects the to proceed working job after day until her main dream in life is to have a chapel constructed where the critical one was burned down. So, this male feels led to assist these nuns and also yet the doesn"t recognize why. He feels a feeling of liberation in help them however at the same time, his person nature wants something in return because that his difficult work: money. He does not acquire paid in money for his difficult work. If anything, that becomes much more generous and also gives an ext of self to the nuns and their mission, fulfilling a higher spiritual purpose.All said and also done, this story is around human nature versus faith and prayer and also the greater great of being brought about do something an ext of what life calls for you come do. Sometimes life (or God) guides people to accomplish a higher calling 보다 what you"ve collection out to execute in the first place.

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This often brings great joy in our lives and also it has actually nothing to carry out with financial gain. ...more