What is the setting of The Hunger Games? Please include when and also where and be as particular as possible.
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The setup of the great novel is the fictitious country of Panem. The only direct clue we are given as to the whereabouts the Panem is the it is what in the vicinity that the Rocky mountains in the unified States. One apocalyptic event has resulted in the destruction of...

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The setup of the great novel is the fictitious country of Panem. The only straight clue we are given regarding the whereabouts of Panem is the it is what in the vicinity the the Rocky hills in the joined States. One apocalyptic occasion has led to the devastation of lot of the remainder of the world.

Within the country of Panem, over there is the Capitol, whereby the leaders live together with a wealthy elite who formerly won a war. The losers of that battle live in 12 districts, in i m sorry poverty and also discontent are rife. Ours protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, stays in ar 12, i m sorry is a coal-mining district. This, together with the woods just exterior District 12, is whereby the early activity takes place.

The story climate moves to the arena in i m sorry the actual games are held. This arena is an environment produced by the gamemakers because that the details purpose the hosting the Hunger Games. No ideas are given regarding its whereabouts.

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The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, i beg your pardon is post-apocalyptic north America. There room several areas in the book and the year is never specified. 

The Hunger Games begins in ar 12 wherein Katniss Everdeen lives. Ar 12"s primary export is coal. In the joined States, countless coal mines are situated in the eastern united States, specifically Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and also West Virginia. It"s possible that ar 12 is situated in among these areas, though it"s never said explicitly. 

Katniss and also Peeta take trip to the Capitol. It"s more urban than the districts and also people that live over there don"t work-related in the same way those in the districts do. It"s the facility of leisure and the people there dress in bizarre styles. It"s the only significant city mentioned in the book. 

The final setting is the arena for the yes, really Hunger gamings competition. Despite it"s not possible to know where it"s located, the terrain contains hills, forests, and also rivers. Katniss claims the arenas change every year and mentions that previous ones have had deserts and the sea. 

Though us don"t recognize what year The Hunger Games take away place, we recognize that the Hunger gamings in the very first book are the 74th yearly Hunger Games. That means that it"s at the very least seventy-five year after the destruction of north America—and most likely much longer, because the system of the Capitol and Districts had to be established and also the districts had to rebel before the Hunger games were ever created. 

A fan map do by Entertainment Weekly reflects that fans of The Hunger Games think the Capitol is located in Denver. Check out their placement the the various other districts that appear in later publications by clicking the attach in References. 

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The Hunger Games, together a science-fiction dystopian story, takes place in the future. When the precise time duration is never specifically revealed, what is apparent is that it seems to be post-apocolyptic, together those inhabiting the an ar of what provided to be north America, have actually survived floods, droughts, fires, storms, hurricanes, and war.

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The main character, Katniss, lives in this country, dubbed Panem, which has been separated into 12 districts. Hers, district 12, is in the an ar of what was as soon as the Appalachian mountains, and also is a poor, charcoal mining district. Further, Katniss and her family members live in the negative area that this really poor district. The poor of ar 12 is straight contrasted through the wide range of the Capitol, located near what used to be the Rocky Mountains. The central government of Panem is located in the Capitol, a glowing city, filled through shallow but wealthy inhabitants.