Imagine jumping the end of a skydiving plane.

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Imagine the blast of wait that would certainly hit you, the realization of being airborne, and also feeling weightless. In those brief moments that defying gravity, one feels together if one has actually been disenthralled. The emotion of liberation. Now imagine a woman, who has lived many of she life clutched between culture and that is perspectives. One day she realizes the there exist tools that can set her free. That something can set her free, deserve to emancipate her. She discovers that her voice have the right to be heard. She would feel the same way, one felt while castle jumped the end the skydiving plane.

If you to be to ask any type of woman to define the feeling of being liberated, ns am sure countless of lock would frequently use the skydiving together a metaphor. The mad sirloin of emotions, the feeling of gift whole and weightless, and thinking of how there exists nothing that have the right to crumble them. Recently a story come my way, ‘The Girl that Can’. A beautiful portrayal that three distinct female characters who provide us the three deals with of society. Created by Ama Ata Aidoo, this story serves together self-reflection for every woman out there who ever questioned she standing in society. This is a story for every woman who ever before asked it s her the question, “Who to be I?” This story is because that every woman that asked, “What is my worth?”. Often than not, every woman has faced an identity situation all ascribable come socially constructed dichotomies, dualism, and patriarchal ideologies. Why this story, one would certainly ask. Ns shall tell friend why. That is not quite frequently that you come throughout a writer who takes up inglorious realities the the world and also puts castle in an easy words. Words and phrases so simple yet resolute, the they do you think harder 보다 you currently are thinking. These straightforward words create an unyielding and also profound result on you. Writers favor Ama Ata Aidoo write in a way that makes you desire to look for answers. ‘The Girl who Can’ like its name suggests, is around a girl who did what she wanted that confirmed her mettle. The story’s protagonist is Adjoa, a little African girl who lives in the town in Ghana along with her mother and also her Nana, she mother’s mother. This is Adjoa’s struggle to discover her rightful ar in the society, it’s her story of seek answers come the needs and issues.

What is the story about?

Little Adjoa is an ambitious girl, like any other girl that her period who has actually dreams and aspirations of her own and also truly believes that anything is possible. She quiet isn’t introduced to the actual atrocities that the world and also thinks that it together a happy and safe place. In Adjoa, is a glimpse of every various other girl son who quiet isn’t riddled through the ugly face of truth. In Adjoa, I watch a part of me, a component which still believes that persistence can break barriers. Now comes Maami, her mother who favor every other parent wants the best for she child and wants that her daughters soar high ~ above success and also earns a respectful place in this society. In Maami, I check out a glimpse of my mother and also every other mommy in this world who still wants to give her daughter what she to be denied. Currently behold the old Nana. Nana, who has actually lived every her life follow to the society’s perspective and it is safe to assume that Nana could’ve herself been a victim of indifference and enormities. Nana represents the real challenge of this patriarchal society who is hellbent ~ above degrading a woman and denying she self-worth. You would certainly ask me how does Nana becomes an embodiment the patriarchal society when she is a woman. Enable me to tell girlfriend how. The continued oppression of ladies can as well be worsened by some various other women who usage women's be suppressive to rise the society ladder. Nana constantly disputes and debates through Adjoa’s mother concerning Adjoa’s spindly legs. Our dear little protagonist has actually thin legs that have no thick muscles on them and also neither does she have thick and solid hips. Nana is skeptical about the girl’s future due to the fact that of this. That is command to keep in mind that hard hips and thick legs exhibit organic signs that robustness which according to Nana promise fertility and also strength. Because that Nana, and, because that the entire society, the meaning of a perfect and powerful woman is one who have the right to bear children and also be a perfect wife and mother.

Adjoa doesn’t get it. She find it hard to know how have the right to someone’s body collection limits on that they have the right to be and also cannot be. Adjoa does not feel insecure rather she is inquisitive and tries to discover out even if it is what Nana trust is true or not. Her confusion shows every woman’s dilemma of exactly how her precious is diminished to particular biological factors and also beauty standards. Also, Nana’s other issue is Adjoa’s father. Often than not, a woman’s relationship with a male is criticized and also even abhorred through some. Her capability to find happiness top top her own is riddled through doubts and frowned upon. Adjoa’s mom is do to feeling guilty by she mother concerning her husband. Nana always gets the upper hand and also Adjoa’s mom is not able to voice her concerns.

But Adjoa is a girl of grit and spirit. Her one real love is her love because that running. Adjoa is selected by her institution for running at the district games. She ultimately runs. And also she runs like never ever before and wins a cup. It is Adjoa’s passion for running that eventually reconnects her through Nana. Nana although at first is doubtful of her ability to run, finally finds herself admiring her granddaughter. Return she doesn’t present it, top top the within Nana has found peace in Adjoa’s achievements. She has found a item of what was absent in her own life, the satisfaction of gift known. The satisfaction that your self-worth often comes from persistence.

What i think the running?

I think that emancipates a woman more than noþeles in this world. Once a woman runs, she rejoices what she has, she rejoices the body she has. Running can take you places, literally. Once you run, you leaving behind a part of you and also when you finally stop, there at the finish allude lies an additional emancipated version of yourself. We all great to it is in the untrammeled version of ourselves. Adjoa’s running and also winning here symbolizes every woman’s battle to break cost-free from society’s barriers and also emerge triumphantly. She symbolizes liberation. Liberation indigenous the means she was looked at, liberation from the set an interpretation of “perfect” woman. She has developed her meaning of perfect.


Why this story resonates with the struggles of the emancipation of women?

Emancipation begins at an individual level. Once a hundred females liberate us by doing their part, they move onto a more level. In ~ this brand-new level of solidarity, they lug a thousand different idiosyncratic interpretations of “perfect” ladies at the table. But if only women’s emancipation to be as simple as it seems. Virginia Woolf in her book-length essay, “A Room of One’s Own” said,

“The background of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is much more interesting than the history of emancipation itself”.

Gender elitism stands as the very first and foremost difficulty to women’s liberation and there’s no much more accurate description of this than Virginia Woolf’s quote. Why is the that an effective man is viewed as some sort of leader yet a an effective woman is viewed as a variation, as an oddity? we follow the same path yet; a masculine is endowed through much much more respect and also a woman is not. Go a set of various genitals bother culture so much? fine in that instance the can be fried answer lies with a much greater power, because that it is responsible because that such a variation. However even in today's day and age, men are quiet bristling with half knowledge. They tho fail to recognize the simple needs the a woman. I think that if ladies were come be offered the reins of the administration and the power that guys possess today, fifty percent the people would not challenge the atrocities they face today. But because it stays a hypothetical situation, every we deserve to hope for is a reawakening or rekindling of men’s awareness who have never confronted the wrongdoings the women have to go through.

Often 보다 not, the financial status of women coincides with her condition of liberation. A woman v an underdeveloped economic status is still seen as unliberated. The is command to keep in mind that emancipation go not analyze as just economic. That is political, social, and also even at a mental and also spiritual level. Probably money have the right to act together a liberation symbol at the professional front but it can never be substituted for every the toiling women need to undergo in ~ their own houses. Nana constantly thought that a woman’s true ambition should be to behind children, i m sorry shows just how women are again degraded and only believed of as boy bearers. As if having an identification apart from that of mother and wife is one anomaly. You could liberate a mrs at her job-related front, i beg your pardon in itself is seldom given a assumed by men, but how will you liberate her from her enslavement to the hearth. Just how will you liberate her from her enslavement to the household and also kitchen which time and also again is enforced on her?

Most of us here do not have the answer to that. Neither execute I. I am not below to put a discourse on how a mrs is an alleged to live she life. Liberation and emancipation for different women mean different things. And let her have freedom, whichever way she desires to. Let she liberate herself utilizing whichever medium she wants to. Use your voice, and also don’t be discouraged when human being laugh in ~ you, similar to Adjoa was never ever heard initially yet eventually earned her rightful ar through persistence. Run and run, till you feeling the burn in yourself. Maybe go skydiving once. And when you reach the complete line, there will be stand a complimentary version that you. Be the Girl that Did.

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Margaret Atwood in A Handmaid’s tale said, “Nolite bas tardes carborundorum”.