I to be on the last page of the book, The challenge on the Milk Carton. Themain character in the novel is Janie Johnson. Janie has never had actually a boyfriend. Janie is a fifteen-year-old girl with red curly hair, isshy and wishes she were named Jayne Johnstone. At the beginning of the story, Janie is a usual teenager. Herparents love her and also are not ready to allow her prosper upand gether driver"s license. Janie"s lifechanges when she sees a face on the ago of a milk carton that she believes may be her own. Janie progressively realizes she can be the girl named Jennie feather - a girl who was kidnapped in brand-new Jersey twelve year ago.In the scene on the last web page where Janet"s mommy makes a phone contact to someone from brand-new Jersey. Janet answered to the women on the phone, who said hello,"Hi. It"s...your daughter. Me. Jennie"(184). Castle had called Janet"s real mom and she answered. You deserve to tell just how determinedJanet wasto knowher real parents and how or why she to be kidnapped.

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Theme and Author"s Purpose

I to be on page 68 of The confront on The Milk Carton byCaroline B.Cooney has actually thetheme the fantasy matches reality. The is shown throughout the novel through Janie"s recurring thoughts and also images.There is a difference in between daydreams and also daymares. Janie describes daydreams as something over which she has actually control. She daymares, on the various other hand, space uncontrollable pictures that play the end in her mind. She often has no idea as to their definition and becomes progressively worried about whether or not these are true. A frequently arising image in Janie"s memory is the shade white, as detailed onpage 68,"White Cloth"(68). She would imagine white points in her dreams all the time and in genuine life everything wasn"t white.
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Literary Devices

I am on web page 65 the The challenge on the Milk Carton through Caroline B. Cooney, transparent these couple of pages the publication is talking about Janie trying out the attic, looking anywhere for her birth certificate. The narrator says, "Cold drafts, favor winter coming, sifted under her confront like dust"(65). The literary machine used in this quote is a simile. The sentence compares two words (cold drafts and also dust) using favor or as. It compared the cold drafts as dust. This offers the leader a vividfeeling in your head of just how the breeze felt cold, but like dust blow againsttheir face.A couple of present after the thedraft make the door shut and the author usedalliteration, "Janie whirled when it slammed"(65). Whirled and also when room the 2 words begging v the exact same letter, i beg your pardon makesthe phrasealliteration.
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Tone and Diction

I am now on page 12 that The confront on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. The tone of this book has adjusted dramatically at this point, it has become anxious or scary because that Janet. The narrator says, "Janie heldSarah-Charlotte"s north milk carton and also stared in ~ the picture of the small girl... I was kidnapped"(12). If I was in Janet"s ar I would be really scared, yet at the exact same time I would certainly be an extremely anxious to discover out what really occurred in mine childhood. The diction that this book is semi-formal, it leader you on and also is always keeping you guessing.

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Structure and suggest of View

I to be on web page 1 that The challenge on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. The quote I chose from this web page is, "Janet finished she essay"(1). I chose this to display that the story is in the narrator"s suggest of view and is third person limited. It"s 3rd person limited because the narrator focuses Jamie"s pointof view and is an extremely bias towards her. The structure of the book is that the book skips roughly a lot looking at things in different ways indigenous Janet"s suggest of view. Every chapter begins with nothing to execute with the previous. Ns guess you can say this publication jumps around a lot.