What space protons and neutrons?The protons and also neutrons lied in the small nucleus. They have very comparable masses, yet the proton has a confident charge conversely, the neutron is no charged (hence the name neutron – neutral). The neutron helps save the nucleus together.

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The electron has actually a an unfavorable charge and very tiny mass (1800 times less than protons and neutrons).


relativemassrelativechargeproton1+1neutron10electron1/1800-1Table 1. Relative masses and also charges the the corpuscle in one atom.The nucleusMost of the fixed of the atom is in the nucleus. However, in spite of carrying most of the atom’s mass, the diameter the the cell nucleus is 100,000 times smaller than the diameter the the atom. This means the nucleus is incredibly thick (as if the whole earth were squashed right into a soccer stadium).

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navigation barQuestion 5Look at the table below. It reflects information around the particles in one atom (units room relative). Several of the cells are blank. To fill in the blanks making use of the drop under menus.particlewhere is it?chargemasselectronplease chooseinside the nucleusoutside the nucleusoutside the atomplease choose+2+10-1-21/1800protonplease chooseinside the nucleusoutside the nucleusoutside the atom+1please choose1/18001/212180neutroninside the nucleusplease choose+2+10-1-2please choose1/18001/212180