Having recently relocated to USA Network from ad agency Euro/RSCG, Jason Holzman once again dubbed upon J.J. Sedelmaier to lend his method to a character advancement project.

USA’s series “Psych” was experiencing incredible popularity and wanted to broaden the show’s existence on the internet with quick animated segments.

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It was going to be approximately Sedelmaier and also his crew to design and also produce the webtoons. When enthused through the original concept of webtoons, J.J. Suggested strongly the the network consider an on-air visibility with on-site posting come follow. This was ultimately implemented. The production involved having Sedelmaier straight the cartoons and working v the show’s creators in addition to Jason and also the various other network partners.

The cartoon series “The large Adventures Of small Shawn & Gus” appeared for two seasons and was consisted of in the DVD boxed sets. USA Network Premieres Short-Form Content with 'The large Adventures of little Shawn and also Gus' based upon the Critically-Acclaimed Hit collection 'Psych' brand-new YORK, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- In a first for the channel, USA Network is acquisition a brand-new approach to "pod-busting" with the development of "The big Adventures of small Shawn and Gus," a collection of animated vignettes based on the hit collection PSYCH.

Each vignette explores the timeless mysteries of childhood v the personalities of young Shawn and Gus. The 6 animations were created by J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, the studio the renowned computer animation director and producer, J.J. Sedelmaier ("The Ambiguously happy Duo", "Beavis & Butt-Head," "Saturday Night Live") and selection in size from :50 seconds to 2 minutes. USA will unveil a brand-new adventure in the 2nd break of every illustration of PSYCH start Friday, January 11 at 10/9c once the present returns with new episodes.

Alltel Wireless will be the exclusive presenting sponsor the the animated adventures and also the presenting sponsor of the PSYCH mid-season premiere. "The huge Adventures of little Shawn and Gus" gives PSYCH fans an exciting new perspective right into the fight series' personalities as children," stated Chris McCumber, executive, management vice president, marketing, digital and also brand strategy USA Network. "With the usage of animation we have the right to push the narrative borders in a fun, an imaginative way while remaining true to the show's core sensibility." Sedelmaier describes the suffer as, "Creatively inspiring and also collaborative. I loved working v USA Network and the show's producers and also introducing them come the endless storytelling possibilities the the computer animation medium." The animated vignettes will certainly be supported on-air via promos and snipes, as well as online with development teases.

Additionally, in an additional innovation the blurs the lines in between advertising and content, the Alltel Brand will be incorporated into a customized promo featuring the little Shawn and Gus characters interacting v Alltel products. Mark Miller, senior vice president, ad sales for USA Network and also SciFi describes the Alltel Wireless partnership with USA together "Creatively groundbreaking co-branded short-form content ensures that viewers continue to be tuned during commercial division by giving entertaining and also engaging content regarded a routine we currently know is successful."

While the man vignettes will premiere on-air, castle will likewise live on usanetwork.com and also be easily accessible on other syndicated vehicles such as HULU.com and also mobile platforms.

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Fans will likewise have the opportunity to experience tiny Shawn and Gus further at psych.usanetwork.com v multiple cartoons; two flash based games - Pogo Adventure and also Hotshot Shootout; and downloadable wallpapers & screensaver. SYS-CON Media