What is the qoute by Shakespeare: "________________, in which the nourishes us." ns heard that on the present "Frontline," titled "Digital Nation," S28/Ep 07? I"m not certain if the last component of the qoute is verbatem. But, nourish to be the crucial word. It could have read: "_____________, in that which nourishes us."
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there are countless references to "nourishing" in Shakespeare"s works. When researching the phrase, the early search proved "Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit ." The origin of this phrase, definition "that which nourishes me, destroys me," lies with Christopher Marlowe. The quote was discovered on a portrait of Marlowe, dating...

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There are many references to "nourishing" in Shakespeare"s works. Once researching the phrase, the early stage search showed "Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit." The beginning of this phrase, meaning "that which nourishes me, destroys me," lies with Christopher Marlowe. The quote was uncovered on a portrait of Marlowe, dating 1585 (Marlowe to be 21).

Given the affect Marlowe had actually on Shakespeare, that is of no surprised that Shakespeare offered the phrase (or an alternative of the phrase) in few of his works.

For example, in Sonnet 73, the complying with reference come nourishment is found:

As the death-bed whereon it have to expireConsumed v that i beg your pardon it was nourish"d by.

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Pericles, a pat by Shakespeare, also contains a recommendation to nourishment. In act II, step ii, Thaisa claims the following:

A burn torch that"s turned upside down

The word, Qui me alit me extinguit. 

Here again, the idea that the one that feeds additionally extinguishes is highlighted.

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