In “I love ?”, Taylor speaks off a recent break up. The break seems to have been rough, so the inquiry mark could stand for she pondering love. She isn’t certain why what… read More 

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Wish I had actually concentratedThey claimed love to be complicatedBut it's something ns just fell intoAnd it was overratedBut simply look what i’ve createdI came out alive but I’m black and also blueBefore friend ask me if ns alrightThink around what I had actually to do, yeahWake up and also smell the breakupFix my heart, placed on mine makeupAnother mess i didn't planAnd I'll gambling you assumed you'd beat meWish you could only seeI've gained an "I heart question mark"Written ~ above the earlier of my handI'd be fine if you just walked byBut you had actually to talk about whyYou were wrong and I to be rightBut ns can't think you do meSit at home and cry like a babyWait ideal by the phone every night
And currently you ask about you and IThere's no you and IRemember what you placed me throughI had toWake up and also smell the breakupFix my heart, put on my makeupAnother mess i didn't planAnd I'll bet you believed you'd beat meWish you might only seeI've obtained an "I heart question mark"Written on the back of mine handAnd once you're house alone at nightYou'll quiet wonder whyYou took every little thing I had, five babyI haven't thought around you and also IThere's no you and IAnd i knowSomeday girlfriend willWake up and also smell the breakupRealize that us won't do upIt didn't walk the way you plannedAnd you'll understand you didn't beat meWhen friend look down and seeI've obtained an "I heart concern mark"Written on the earlier of mine hand
In “I love ?”, Taylor speaks turn off a recent break up. The break appears to have actually been rough, for this reason the concern mark might stand for her pondering love. She isn’t certain why what taken place did, therefore she is unsure who to love.

Amusingly, Taylor was plainly a huge fan of writing this tune as a teenager. Once she participated in a photoshoot for Abercrombie at period fourteen, you deserve to see ‘I increase


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