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Title: Tarzan the Monkey Man

General Information:

Informant Data: 

Courtney Colwell to be born on in march 22nd, 1996. She to be born in Maryland and moved to Rye, NY at a very young age. She has an older sister and also a younger brother, and her parents space happily married. She is currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University.

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Contextual Data:

Courtney saw Midland Elementary college from kindergarten through fifth grade. I asked her to recall a video game that she played a lot, and also she responded with the “Tarzan the Monkey Man” game! We provided this video game a lot to entrust teams, groups, or pick a human to be “it” for a game of tag or hide and also seek. The game has somewhat vulgar lyrics. As soon as the speak is done singing the song, whoever that lands on choose a shade to entrust Tarzan’s blood, and also then the speak spells the end the color the child has chosen. The human being who is tagged top top the critical letter the the shade is “it” or “out.”

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Transcript of linked File:

“Tarzan, the monkey man, swinging from a rubber band,

fell down, damaged his crown, WHAT color WAS HIS BLOOD?”

Informant’s Comments:

Courtney recounted that world would an extremely often select the shade purple or red, and sometimes the game caused drama among friends because they did not desire to it is in it or out. She play this game nearly every week in ~ recess and playdates. She notified me the you can also simply pat it together a game of luck, and also the last human standing wins, however that this was no the way they usually played.

Collector’s Comments:

I discovered this example of folklore come be an extremely interesting, since it needs to do v blood and also someone falling, and also likely, dying. These 2 things might both be taken into consideration taboo in ~ childhood folklore.

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Although it is supplied as a playful game, the words spoken are quite graphic. I feel as though this type of folklore often permits children come desensitize come important, serious concerns like blood and dying.