The fast AnswerShould you write "than I" or "than me"?"John is taller 보다 me" and "John is taller than I" space both correct. However, several of your readers could think the "John is taller than me" is dorn (even though it sounds natural), and some of your readers might think the "John is taller than I" sounds pretentious. The safest alternative is to broaden the sentence after ~ the "than." because that example:John is taller than I am. (This building and construction will fulfill all her readers and remove any ambiguity (more on pass out below).)

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"Than I" or "Than Me"?

Authors regularly ask even if it is they have to write "taller 보다 me
" or "taller than I"? The quick answer is both space correct, however not anyone agrees the both space correct, and that"s the problem. Here"s the issue: the word "than" can be classified as either a conjunction or a preposition, and that"s the root of the debate.

"Than" as a Conjunction

When "than" is used as a conjunction, that looks choose this:John is taller than I am. OrJohn is taller 보다 I. (This is simply a more succinct version.)

"Than" as a Preposition

When "than" is provided as a preposition, that looks like this:John is taller 보다 me. Grammarians have actually been saying for thousands of years end whether "than" is a associate or a preposition. Here"s the bottom line. The is perfect acceptable come write:"than I
" (This way the adhering to are also acceptable: "than he," "than she," "than we," "than they.")or"than me"(This means the complying with are also acceptable: "than him," "than her," "than us," "than them.")

"Than Me" Sounds more Natural

For most people, the "than me" variation sounds more natural than "than I." However, "than me" is the variation that runs the higher risk of being thought about wrong. This is virtually certainly because the "than I" version has been in use longer and also seems more grammatically correct. For part though, the "than I" version sounds pretentious. So, there are some components to consider before choosing, without any kind of definitive guidelines.

Avoiding Ambiguity through "Than Me"

Unfortunately, it"s no as straightforward as doing everything you want and, if challenged, claiming that the world"s grammarians have been squabbling for thousands of years over this issue. Over there is another issue come consider. Sometimes, the "than me" version introduces ambiguity. Look in ~ this example:John likes Peter more than me. (This sentence is ambiguous. So, we"ve marked it together wrong.)This can mean: man prefers Peter to me.orJohn likes Peter more than I favor Peter.The best means to avoid any type of ambiguity is come treat "than" together a associate (i.e., usage the "than I" version) and also write the end the sentence in full. Because that example:John likes Peter more than that likes me.or john likes Peter an ext than I prefer Peter.

Than Whom

There is another quirk. Nobody wants to compose this:You prefer him much more than who? everyone agrees it need to be:You favor him much more than whom? So, as soon as "who" is the pronoun in question, "than" should constantly be treated together a preposition, and also you must write "than whom."

The final Advice: expand Your Sentence

The best option is to usage the "than I" version and expand the sentence ~ "than I." This usually way adding at least the verb (e.g., "than i am," "than ns was," "than lock have"). This structure clears all ambiguity and stops her wording sound pretentious.John is taller 보다 me. (This is okay, however some of her readers won"t favor it.)John is taller than I. (This is okay, however a few of her readers won"t choose it, and some will think it sounds pretentious.)John is taller 보다 I am. (No one can argue this version, and it portrays you as a clean thinker. We"ve provided this one a tick.)Here is an ambiguous example that requirements fixing. John prices Peter more than I. John rates Peter an ext than me. (Both of these examples are ambiguous.)Here room two corrections:John rates Peter much more than ns do. (No one have the right to argue this version, and it portrays you together a clear thinker.)John rates Peter much more than he rates me. (No one have the right to argue this version, and also it portrays you as a clean thinker.)
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