1. Bill Bellamy & Shaq

Comedian and also actor bill Bellamy and also retired NBA champion Shaq who are both native Newark, NJ are second cousins. (Source: Atlanta black Star)

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2. Steve & wood Harris

Steve & lumber Harris are brothers and both act. Hardwood Harris is well-known for his role in the hist present “The Wire” and brother Steve Harris is ideal known because that his duty in “Diary that A Mad black Women.” (Source: Atlanta black Star)

3. Syleena & Chad Johnson

Singer Syleena Johnson and former soccer player Chad Johnson are brother and also sister. Castle share the same father, cunning Jackson. (Source: Atlanta black Star)

4. Fantasia & K-Ci & JoJo

Fantasia & K-Ci & JoJo room cousins! This musical household grew increase in phibìc Carolina together. (Source: Atlanta black color Star)

5. Tracy McGrady & Vince Carter

You can absolutely say basketball operation in the family. Cousins Tracy McGrady & Vince Carter were drafted to the Raptors basketball team in the 1998-99 season. And apparently, the two were inseparable. (Source: Atlanta black color Star)

6. Martin Lawrence & Christopher Martin

Remember the movie “House Party”? Comedian martin Lawrence’s personality plays the cousin to Christopher young name in the movie, however not many world know the the two space cousins in actual life. (Source: Atlanta black color Star)

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7. Brandy, beam J & Snoop Dogg

Brandy, beam J & Snoop Dogg are all cousins! In a 2006 MTV interview, Snoop Dogg revealed the they were all cousins. The story goes that after they discovered they to be cousins they determined to keep it a secret. (Source: Atlanta black color Star)

8. Redfoo & Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy of Motown documents is the father of LMFAO singer Redfoo aka Stefan kendal Gordy. (Source: Atlanta black color Star)