A Sweet 16 is a coming-of-age party celebrating a teenager’s 16th birthday. It is comparable to a Quinceañera, Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah. Back Sweet 16s are most commonly held because that girls, boys can likewise take component in the fun.

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The occasion can be commemorated casually, formally or semi-formally.Casual, usually celebrations deserve to take place in the house with immediate family and close friends.Formal celebrations often tend to it is in catered affairs held in ballrooms, catering halls, or hotels.Semi-formal celebrations might take location in a restaurant, church, neighborhood center, YMCA, JCC club, or various other fraternal organizations.

Quinceañeras or Sweet 15 Candelabras obtain 16 candles.

Bar and also Bat Mitzvah Candelabras obtain 14 candles.

What is the Sweet 16 Candle Ceremony?

In the US most birthday candles space traditionally blown the end on a cake. While the exact background of the Sweet 16 candle bright ceremony is unknown, it is most likely fashioned ~ the Bar and Bat Mitzvah candle lighting practiced in the Jewish faith.

While the practice is no historically spiritual its practice can’t be established prior to 1950s America.

Each candle represents a unique person(s) in the birthday girl’s life. The date of birth girl frequently recites a dedication speech especially thanking the honoree(s), and also asks castle to sign up with her in lighting the candle.

Although the stimulate in which world are recognized can be customized because that each party, over there is a basic guideline come follow.

The an initial candle is specialized to she parents.

The second candle might be specialized to the next-closest household member, such together siblings or grandparents

The 3rd to 6th candles are generally reserved for aunts, uncles, cousins or various other close family members members.

The seventh to 14th candles are committed to the date of birth girl’s the next friends.

The 15th candle is normally assigned to the date of birth girl’s ideal friend.

The 16th candle is reserved for a far-ranging other or finest male friend.

The 17th candle is offered for a wish or for an excellent luck.

With assist planning her Sweet 16 celebration, visit the adhering to links:Wikihow: plan a Sweet 16 PartySweet 16 planning Guide

There are new and amazing variations that the traditional candle light ceremony.


We produce Two-Part Bases the separate, creating removable names that can be put on top of tables or an installed on a wall at a later on date. This permits the surname to it is in repurposed and also held much longer as a keepsake.

Another candle lighting trend is the Dedication Reversal. Rather of the date of birth girl dedicating a candle to each person, the pre-selected human being dedicates a candle come the birthday girl. This is a good option for girls fear of windy speaking and eliminates the must memorize 16 various speeches. The duty of writing and also reciting the dedication is split between 16 honorees. Each human being comes up, recites their dedication, and also lights their particular candle.

Another tendency is the Dedication Omission. There room two versions of this method. This much more closely resembles constant candles top top a date of birth cake. There are no dedications, which saves time at her event. The very first option is the Light & punch Method. The date of birth girl lights every 17 candle at once, guests song happy birthday, and also she blows them the end all in ~ once. Any kind of style the candle deserve to be used for this method since castle are just lit for a couple of minutes.The second an approach is the Wish & Blow Method*16 candles space lit throughout the entire event, leaving just the 17th ‘wishing candle’ unlit. As soon as scheduled, the date of birth girl have the right to make she wish and also light her 17th candle. At the time, guests song happy birthday and then she blows every 17 candles out.

*It is ideal to usage floating candles or column candles because that this an approach since they have safer and also longer burn times.


The Floating Candles* alternate is a well-known trend. 17 glass cylinder or cube vases of various sizes space arranged approximately a name, cake or cupcake tower. A floating candle sit on top of the to fill vases. These cylinder vases can be filled with water, led lighting, submerged flowers, crystals, water jewel or themed items.

*Floating candle arrangements take time to set up in ~ a venue. I recommend rental a professional florist or occasion decorator to develop a design and set this up because that you.

The Pillar Candle* is a beautiful alternative, albeit a challenging one. A collection of 17 pillar candles of assorted sizes is arranged on differing sized candleholders. Column candles range in elevation from 3” come 12” and also come in numerous widths, colors, finishes and also scents. Column candle holders deserve to be make from straightforward unfinished wood, glass and metal, come beaded crystal and Plexiglas/acrylic.

*This is the costliest of candle bright ceremony options; prices can selection from a few to hundreds of dollars for a solitary candleholder and no matter what format or complete you choose, girlfriend will call for 17 candles as well as 17 holders.

Flameless Candles* may it is in substituted at venues wherein the fire password or administration prohibit open up flames. Flameless candles, sometimes referred to as LED candles, are accessible in taper, tea light and pillar-sized formats. Numerous brands additionally have a wax complete making castle look like real candles.

*Flameless candles must be tested at house for reliability and also battery life before your event. It is a an excellent idea to purchase an extra set of battery to carry to the occasion for backup.

Another an obstacle is the ar of the on/off switch. Remote-controlled flameless candles space available, however, every candles should be lit at the very same time.Flameless candles deserve to be high-quality and an overwhelming to buy in bulk, together you will require 17 the them.

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