Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a arsenal of three of the Nintendo mascot’s ideal games. Spread throughout several console generations, football player will have the ability to enjoy Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Each of this titles is thought about by numerous to be few of the finest Mario gamings in the plumber’s whole catalog, with Super Mario Sunshine getting its first re-release since it released in 2002.

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Given the sheer period of these games, several of the Stars will certainly be tricky because that players come earn because of the sheer lack of information offered in-game. One of these Stars is tied come the Navigating the toxic Maze mission in Hazy Maze Cave. Revolving about moving v toxic fumes that quickly kill Mario, you’ll should escape prior to the toxicity drains her life. This is less complicated said climate done, particularly if you don’t have the steel Cap unlocked.

Here’s how to beat the Navigating the toxicity Maze mission:


How to finish Navigating the toxic Maze

When the mission starts, head to the right and follow the long path till you with a huge open room filled with enemy spiders and a map top top the left side. Get in the very first door on your left to reach the maze’s beginning point. As soon as you drop under vias the hole, immedetaely operation forward until you’re on high ground. If Mario is ever before under the toxicity fumes for an ext than a 2nd he will certainly take a huge chunk of damage. Since of this, you’ll desire to border your movements and always kill the floating Snifit because that live giving coins.


From the highground, run straight, cave a right, and also then take it an prompt left to with another little piece the highground. There will certainly be a goofer enemy, so just stand ~ above his feet so he can not come out and also attack. Carry out not go forward and also ground lb the blue coin button. From your brand-new piece of highground hang a right ago into the toxicity fumes. Keep adhering to the route until you pass by an additional floating Snifit in the toxicity gas. Above you, to her left, you’ll view an opening v as door you have the right to jump to.


Perform Mario’s ago jump or triple jump to with this area. I prefer the earlier jump, which is excellent by running forward and also then quickly pulling the motion stick in opposing direction while hitting jump. Ns recommend practicing this a couple of times before you head right into the maze! If you’re having actually trouble remaining alive, save jumping as Mario to save him above the poison. The will just take damages if he’s listed below the toxic gas because that a second, for this reason you can cheat the game by constantly to dance up for fresh air.

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Once you with the door, head through, and navigate previous the bats and fire jets in the direction of to communication at the end. Make sure to grab the heat of coins to replenish your health and wellness so an opponent doesn’t accidently kill you! drive thew communication up and also claim your Star! See, that wasn’t therefore bad. You’ll should go ago into the maze and also take the other raised door because that the following Star, so gain used to being under in the poison.