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I just bought a nice Stevens version 311 20ga. According to the Blue book, i did okay. I paid $225 for it. That is chambered come 2 3/4. Looking in the publication ,it states it is a 3" chamber. It doesn"t have actually serial numbers, so ns guess it was made prior to 1968. Still looking for the letter to watch if ns can day it. Have the right to anyone phone call me is it supposed to be 2 3/4, or 3" chamber?


WOW :!: nice buy and SXS I just paid 400 because that a 1956 311C .410 it has actually maple hardwood --it really looks prefer blond walnut you check out on some of the enlarge Browning autos.Why no require for 3 customs :?lder.410"s carry a lot much more in the south 600 to 1000 dollars :arrow: i live in Alabama. Simply thought I got a great buy
Stevens 410"s space fetching high bucks everywhere! yes, really nice tiny guns and also loads of funny to shoot...
I thought that I acquired a great deal on my 20 gauge 311. Ns paid $289 for it.Those old weapons are favor gold now.
4-5 year ago, ns bought and later marketed a "minty" beforehand 311 20g for $400. I always have wonder why the situation colors top top those weapons hold up so well.
mine states on the barrel, stevens design 311 , collection h , 2.3/4 and 3 inch,savage eight ,westfield mass,usa. Once was this pistol made? 1980? what would certainly be an mean value? thanks. This gun appears to be very well built. Solid. Every straightforward to clean. I need to put a sling on the without any kind of swivels drilled in ,any suggestions? many thanks guys
mine says on the barrel, stevens model 311 , collection h , 2.3/4 and 3 inch,savage eight ,westfield mass,usa. Once was this pistol made? 1980? what would certainly be an median value? thanks. This gun appears to be an extremely well built. Solid. Every easy to clean. I should put a sling on that without any type of swivels drilled in ,any suggestions? many thanks guys
If her gun has actually no SN, it was made between 1960 (when Savage moved to Westfield) & 1968 (when SN"s ended up being mandatory), and should have actually a circled Savage day Code Letter stamped into the bottom of the bbls and/or frame, beginning with "L" in 1960 & advancing through "M", "N", "P","R", "S", "T", "U", come "V" in 1968.If it has a SN, it was made after ~ 1968, and also you can contact the Savage chronicler for a DOM ($$).Cabela"s & others carry various varieties of "tie-on" slings because that shotguns.20ga Steven"s worths are based upon remaining initial condition, and the absense/presence of any kind of issues choose rust, scratches, cracks, dents & bulges; and can run anywhere from $150 for a tomato stake to $450-up..
Wrap about slings room handy for doubles. Lock wrap around the barrels in former of the forearm and also around the wrist that the stock. Very handy.

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My 311 20 gauge to be made in 1966 and left in a melted for over fourty years. It had a great coating that orange rust everywhere it, with a couple of areas on the barrel v orange scabs the rust, but I paid the old guy $200 because that it anyway. He stated he bought it new and didn"t fire a crate of shells through it.Frontier scouring pads are amazing. I was maybe to get the pistol looking virtually new, and Oxpho Blue touched up the few little fully spots that remained. The gun is for this reason "new" that it"s still stiff to open, and also all instance colors room still vibrant.But you desire a 311 to say 5100 on it and look prefer Slugos!!! Those room the larger ones, made prior to 1960 and preferably before World war Two. I have a 1949 16 gauge 311 that has actually real walnut stocks and was made with a lot more attention to detail than the 1966 model, and also it"s a mere 311. The 5100 was the peak of the Savage line, and may have cost more than the Fox model B. Mine neighbor has actually an old 5100 12 gauge and it"s light together a feather, with good walnut stocks, and someday he"ll market it to me.
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