The Original queens of Comedy(2000)
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Label:UniversalLabel number:UD 59306
Running time:not on fileShipping date:August 22nd, 2000
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Album Tracklist
1.Summer In The City - St Lunatics / nelly / Cedric The Entertainer<4:36>
2.Something obtained To be Wrong In Cuba<1:59>
4.Church every the Time<7:16>
5.#1 Stunna - large Tymers<4:43>
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Music indigenous the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Here ns Go - Mystikal(Cedric"s intro song)
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What is the surname of the track heard when Cedric the Entertainer come out?(from bin indianaplois)
A:"Here i Go" through Mystikal. (thanks to Def Raz)add much more info
Q:What is the song Steve Harvey plays and also sings as he is relating back to old school music?(from tenahain Brooklyn, ny)
A:"I Love You" by Lenny Williams; "If you Don"t Mind" through Earth, Wind & Fire; "Why execute You have to Go" by Pure Gold. (thanks come caray,shreveport la)add an ext info
A:"I desire To be free" through Ohio Players off the "FIRE" album (1975)"Loves Holiday" through Earth, Wind & Fire turn off "ALL"N ALL" (1977)"Cause i Love You" by Lenny Williams turn off "RISE resting BEAUTY" (1975) (thanks to mandingdong,london, england)add an ext info
A:"Do girlfriend Mind" by Earth, Wind and Fire. "I Love You" through Lenny Williams and also "I want To be Free" by Ohio. (thanks to poison Ivy,Nairobi, Kenya)add more info
A:"Would girlfriend Mind" by planet Wind & Fire (thanks to dave,nowhere special,ca)add more info
A:It"s dubbed "Loves Holiday" By planet Wind and also Fire (thanks come Jordan,Florida)add much more info
A:"Cause i Love You" by Lenny Williams. Likewise off "Ultimate Collection" (thanks come junior,NY)add an ext info
A:It"s no "If girlfriend Don"t Mind", it"s "Would you Mind" by planet Wind and Fire... Newb... (thanks come Oscar,Tucson, AZ)add an ext info
Q:What is the name of that track played as soon as Cedric talks about going into the club... And also instead that fighting they rest dance?(from large Bodyin Indianapolis, Indiana)
A:It is called "Looking for the Perfect Beat" by Afrika Bambaataa. (thanks come Swingh,Norway)add much more info
Q:What is the name of the tune playing as soon as Cedric is pretending to journey the spaceship?(from Qin brooklyn, NY, USA)
A:"Cutie Pie" by the team One Way. (thanks to Sterling,Overland Park, Ks.)add more info
A:The track that CD walk the driving share to is "Cutie Pie" through One Way. (thanks to sanjova,san francisco)add much more info
A:It"s actually no by One way - it"s by Zapp and Rogers "Cutie Pie" (thanks come Ashley Bazan,Everett, WA USA)add more info
A:It"s "One Way-Cutie Pie" (thanks to dj2lio,Los Angeles, Ca)add more info
Q:What"s the surname of the song heard when Cedric is pretending to drive the caddy?(from gregin california)
A:Zapp and also Roger"s "Cutie Pie." The lyrics room "...cutie pie ns really love girlfriend sooo..." (thanks come PonJola Mechelle German,Brookhaven, MS)add much more info
A:yeah, Zapp (thanks to patmac12,Nashville, TN)add an ext info
A:The group"s surname is One way (& Al Hudson).. It"s not Zapp & Roger! (thanks to Modernaire,Germany)add an ext info
Q:What is the song that Cedric breakdances to?(from cullatreein L.A.)
A:"Looking for the Perfect Beat" by Afrika Bambaataa (thanks come Frustrated,Virginia)add an ext info
Q:What"s the name of the reggae song that Cedric plays?(from Peteyin Waiphu, Hawaii)
A:He made it increase (a parody that Reggae music) (thanks to Tia,Keflavik, Iceland)add an ext info
Q:What"s the tune playing at the very beginning?(from ashleyin memphis, tn)
A:"Na Na" through Monifah and also Chico DeBarge (thanks to Chenille,Los Angeles, California)add an ext info
Q:What is the tune that Bernie Mac comes out on?(from yoin NYC)
A:It"s Roy Ayers - "E Funk" (thanks to VonnieVoo,Concord, CA USA)add more info
Q:What is the tune playing at the finish of the movie?(from justinin los angeles,california)
A:Monifah - Na Na (thanks to Leah ,akron, oh)add an ext info
Q:What"s the track playing as soon as DL Hughley come out?(from Gidin uk)
A:"Goove Me Baby" through King Porter (thanks come shawn,cincinnati)add more info
A:It"s actually "Groove Me" by King Floyd (thanks come Natalie,Liverpool, UK)add an ext info
Q:What is the tune playing as soon as the DVD starts, with the lyrics "...what you want what you require sleep...? A girl vocalist.(from Tashinhain lisbon,portugal)
A:"Na Na" by Monifah and Chico DeBarge (thanks come P-Nut,Toronto)add an ext info
Q:What tune does Steve Harvey come the end on and also who sings it?(from TASH Ain washington dc )
A:The surname of the song is "For the Love that Money" perform by the O"Jays. (thanks to Hans,Rotterdam, Netherlands)add more info
Q:What"s the track Bernie Mac comes out to and also then go his "Go Bernie, walk Bernie" dance?(from Pistol starterin Orcutt, CA)
A:Roy Ayers - E Funk (thanks to Tony,DC)add more info
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