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Star Wars: The force Unleashed II Cheats because that Xbox 360

accomplishments accomplishment Achievement obtain to the fall Gorog there is no crashing into any type of debris. death 10 enemies using the turbolasers top top the Kamino Drill Grounds. execute every combat relocate in the video game (excluding combos that require Rank 3 Saber). complete the game and choose the Light side ending. death 10 enemies with the lightning towers. destroy 200 Terror Spider Droids. finish the game and also choose the Dark next ending. Smash increase 10 game machines. defeat the Gorog. complete one difficulty and receive at the very least a bronze medal. complete the very first ten obstacles with at the very least a yellow medal in each. acquire a silver medal on any 5 challenges. damage the Star Destroyer. regulate the Terror Walker and destroy all the Terror Biodroids. cause 50 opponents to fall to your deaths. to escape Kamino in Vader"s TIE Advanced. Use an entire bar of pressure power ~ above a Lightning attack. acquire a yellow medal on any kind of 3 challenges. uncover every holocron. throw 10 enemies into the Kamino generators. Disintegrate 15 adversaries by throwing them into red force fields. Remove all of the Terror Spider Bombs ~ above the Salvation. finish the game on Unleashed difficulty. complete the video game on tool difficulty. finish the game on hard difficulty. death 5 opponents with the fans on Kamino. defeat 300 consecutive enemies without dying. Break all of the coolant tanks plank the Salvation there is no dying. upgrade all pressure Powers to location 3. Reunite v Kota. finish the video game on straightforward difficulty. Parry and also counter 10 melee attacks. lure 10 Stormtroopers come leap to your deaths v Mind Trick. gain a Platinum medal on any challenge. pressure Grip a stormtrooper, impale him, zap him through lightning, then throw him into an object. death an AT-MP by gripping its very own missiles and throwing them back. complete the very first ten difficulties with at least a copper medal in each. break 10 adversaries frozen in carbonite. destroy 15 TIE Fighters. update one strength to rank 3. damage 12 lightning pylons ~ above the Kamino dive. loss the Terror Walker. ruin the Gunship. Reflect 20 missiles back at AT-MPs. reach the optimal of the Spire without falling once. Activate force Fury 10 times. Overload 20 Jumptrooper jet packs. Complete any kind of combat level using only force Powers. use Vader"s TIE advanced to ruin the AT-MP.
A measure of Mercy
Betrayed by Rage
Break the Bank
Bring down the Giant
Crack the Sky
Droid Rage
Enjoy The trip See You following Fall
Escape native Kamino
Fully Charged
Hat Trick
Holocron Hunter
Imperial Painball
It Burns!
Jedi Bomb Squad
Jedi grand Master
Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
Lucky Streak
Master of Disaster
Maxed Out
Meeting the the Jedi
Passive Aggressive
Pied Piper
Poor Bob
Return to Sender
Sky Killer
Stakross Medal the Excellence
The Exterminator
The Nemesis in Flames
To the Face!
Top the the World
Up, Up and also Away
Use the Force, Luke
Contributed by: CEMAN4, R351D3NT3V1L4, lonedragoon

Guybrush Threepkiller

On the 2nd level ~ blowing with the casino-esque rooms, you"ll finish up at a room v a Jabba the Hut hologram with a bunch of golden Guybrush Threepwood statues every around. The means to unlock his costume is to ruin the three devices in the room, and also the holocron will come flying out of Jabba.

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Contributed by: Blackfire210

The force Unleashed Costumes in The pressure Unleashed II

Basically, by having actually a "Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed" save file with both end unlocked, you get the maintain Gear, Sith Stalker Armor, and Ceremonial Jedi Robes costumes in The pressure Unleashed 2

Unlockable Unlockable have a force Unleashed save record with the irradiate Side ending unlocked have actually a force Unleashed save document with the Dark Side ending unlocked have actually a pressure Unleashed save record in your difficult drive
Ceremonial Jedi Robes
Sith Stalker Armor
Sith training Gear

Contributed by: stellarvisions


In the "Options" choice of the pause video game menu, select the "Cheat Codes" option. Then, go into one of the complying with to unlock the equivalent bonus...

Dark eco-friendly Lightsaber decision (healing)
Experiemental Jedi Armor
Jedi mind Trick
Jump Trooper Costume
Lightsaber Throw
Play together a Neimoidian
Play together Boba Fett
Stormtrooper character Skin
unlock pressure Repulse.
unlock the Dark Apprentice costume.
Unlock the Saber safety Outfit
unlock the Sith Acolyte costume.
unlocks the general Kota costume.
unlocks the Rebel Trooper costume.

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unlocks the Terror Trooper costume.
White Lightsaber Crystal

Contributed by: ProdigalCTN, XaerotheReaper, D_Line_Coach, Stoko981, nwobutme, eviltom17, silversonic321

Costumes Unlockable Unlockable accomplish Silver medal in "Deadly course Trial" an obstacle attain Silver medal in "Cloning Spire Trial" difficulty accomplish Silver Medal in "Terror Trial" difficulty
General Kota Costume
Saber safety Costume
Terror Trooper Costume

Contributed by: lokiloktar

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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