The most efficient strength training exercise you have the right to do for her lower half is the squat! Squats work all the biggest muscles the the legs and also butt, including those ‘hard come reach’ areas such together quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.


A squat is what we contact a ‘complex movement’ because of the high quantity of muscle activation indigenous hips come knees, every the method down to her feet.

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You might even say that the squat is a foundational practice as that assists countless other motions you do in your daily life. Squats prepare your body for sitting, and also the plenty of other exercises that you do throughout your day that communicate your lower fifty percent like walking and climbing stairs.

The Squat Technique

Always store it basic and focus on afford the ideal squat method first. Begin your squat with a setup; standing fully upright through your feet shoulder-width apart.

Next, once performing a full squat movement, go v the checklist below:

Put your weight on her heels.Maintain a gentle curve in the reduced back.Keep her chest up and open together your target travels ago and down.Bottom that squat is once your i know good is listed below or parallel to your kneecaps.Knees remain parallel come feet.Return come an upright standing position to finish the move.Remember to store your head in a neutral position throughout the whole movement.

Pro Tip: keeping your knee in line v your toe will store the weight on her quads and glutes - minimizing tension on the knee joints.

Get better results with an ext variety

Variations are important to producing a an excellent training routine. Variations give you the opportunity to make her workout regimen funny and assist you boost your fitness level by including more daunting exercises and movements that work brand-new muscles.

Important: Remember the if you have injuries or any kind of health concerns, friend should constantly consult your doctor prior to engaging in any new or vigorous exercise.

A great place come start

For beginners, we recommend starting with continual Squats and also master the motion first. Or, if you have an injury or must start slow, then a Chair Squat is a great variation that won’t placed too lot strain on the legs and joints when simultaneously enabling you to job-related on her technique.


Try something new

There are numerous variations the squats that will help you target various muscle groups. Come target the outer component of the legs shot Narrow Squats. Top top the other hand, to concentration on the front part of the legs and also hips, you can do Kneeling Squats.

Narrow Squats
Kneeling Squats

While the squats above require dynamic motion from begin to finish, there room some squats the don’t need much motion at all! once there is no movement but the muscle fibres room still activated, this is called ‘Isometric training’ which have the right to be perfect demonstrated by the Wall Sit.

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Challenge yourself

Increase the an obstacle of her squats by including aerobic motions that will rise your heart rate or put an ext stress ~ above the ligaments. Frog jumps and 180 or 360 levels Jump Squats are a an excellent start!


Overall, for the best results you should continuously differ your exercises. Sport will also make sure your body is all set for sitting down at the office come jumping the end of your seat and also running to catch the bus at the finish of the day! come make sure your muscles have balance and also to aid prevent injuries, be certain to differ your squat movement