The square source of 23 is expressed as √23 in the radical form and as (23)½ or (23)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 23 rounded up to 7 decimal locations is 4.7958315. The is the positive solution of the equation x2 = 23.

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Square source of 23: 4.795831523312719Square source of 23 in exponential form: (23)½ or (23)0.5Square root of 23 in radical form: √23
1.What Is the Square root of 23?
2.Is Square root of 23 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to find the Square source of 23?
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What Is the Square source of 23?

The square source of a number n is created as √n. This number when squared or multiply by itself outcomes in the original number n. The square root of 23 have the right to be written in multiple ways.

Radical form: √23 Decimal form: 4.796Exponent form: (23)1/2

Is Square source of 23 reasonable or Irrational?

23 is a number the is no a perfect square, meaning it go not have a natural number together its square root.

How to find the Square root of 23?

There are just 2 methods to discover the square source of 23:

Long division MethodEstimation and Approximation

We cannot usage the prime factorization method here, as 23 is a prime number. Think about it.

Long division Method

The square root of 23 by long division method is composed of the following steps:

Step 1: Starting native the right, we will certainly pair up the digits 23 by placing a bar over them. We additionally pair the 0s in decimals in bag of 2 from left to right.Step 3: Drag a pair of 0s down and also fill it beside 7 to make the dividend 700.Step 4: twin the divisor 4, and enter 8 below with a blank digit top top its right. Guess the largest possible digit(X) to to fill in the blank and the quotient because that which the product the 8X and also X outcomes in a value much less than or same to 700. Since 7 fits the value of X, we fill 7 in the quotient ~ the decimal point. Divide and write the remainder. Step 5: Repeat this process to acquire the decimal locations you want.


Therefore, the square root of 23 = 4.7958

Estimation and Approximation

The estimation method offers us an almost right answer and is usually not accurate to more than 1 decimal place. However, the is easy to execute as deserve to be seen under.

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Step 1: find a perfect square i beg your pardon is smaller sized than and bigger than 23. In this case, 4 and also 5 will work as your squares room 16 and 25.Step 2: creating in terms of inequality- 4Step 3: main point by 10 and write in regards to square roots- √1600Step 4: move closer come inequality- √2209= 4.7Step 5: acquisition the typical of upper and also lower borders we get, (4.7 + 4.8)/2 = 4.75

Therefore, we deserve to estimate the square root of 23 ≅ 4.75

Explore square roots making use of illustrations and also interactive examples

Important Notes

There exists a optimistic and negative root of 23, 4.7958 and also -4.7958.The square root of 23 is one irrational number the is non-terminating.There will certainly be n/2 digits in the square source of an even number v n digits.There will certainly be (n+2)/2 number in the square source of an odd number with n digits.

Think Tank

Can friend think of a quadratic equation that has actually a root of √23?Since (-(√23)2 = 23, can we say the -√23 is likewise a square root of 23?