because of COVID 19 and the impact it is having actually on our community, we have actually modified our response to abandoned and also junk vehicles. Based upon that, you re welcome take time to read our updated net page before submitting a report.

Definition of one abandoned vehicle in Code

Section 16.90.005 the the City Code specifies an abandoned car as:

A auto that continues to be in violation for an ext than 24 hours and also one or more of the following conditions exist:

The vehicle does not have a legitimate affixed, unexpired registration plate, or falls short to display current registration.The vehicle shows up to be inoperative or disabled.The vehicle appears to be wrecked, partly dismantled, or junked.

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Examples of exit or junk vehicles

First and foremost, there should be no proof that who is life in the vehicle. Next, the vehicle should have at the very least one of the following:

Severely damaged by fire and appears inoperable Severely damaged from a crash and appears inoperable lacking the engine lacking or severely not correct windshield missing parts or damaged in a way that renders it show up inoperableOne or more flat tiresUp on blocks or jacks Boats and trailers (unoccupied)No patent plate or pilgrimage permitRegistration or pilgrimage permit expired an ext than six months (currently agree vehicles the expired February 2021 or earlier)

What is not taken into consideration an exit or junk auto under our current operating conditions

A vehicle with expired registration much less than six months (current criteria due to delays at the DMV)An unfamiliar automobile parked in former of your building and/or has actually not moved for several daysA vehicle with no front patent plate

Note: come report a suspicious car parked in your community (for example, a automobile you suspect to have actually been stolen), speak to the Police Non-Emergency heat at 503-823-3333.

How come report?

Please collect the complying with information for a report:

Your name and phone numberWhich abandoned and junk car criteria does the meetExample - level tire, missing engine, it is registered expired much more than six months, etc.LocationPlease report the street address. Example: 420 SW key Street. If you can not provide an exact address, please provide the street the automobile is parked on and also then the cross streets. Example: SW 4th Avenue in between SW key St. And also SW Madison St. Carry out not submit an intersection. Example: SW Main and also SW 10th. Vehicle makeExample - Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, etc. Vehicle styleExample - Pickup truck, 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, take trip trailer, flatbed trailer, etc. 

location of Oregon it is registered tagsVehicle color License plate state and number (if any) License key expiration (if any). You re welcome submit year and also month - stickers on the reduced right and left the the license plate.

Reporting alternatives for an exit or Junk Vehicle

Please choose one. Multiple reports will slow the process down.

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Report v the automated report hotline 24-hours per day.Speak by phone straight to an operator. This choice is only obtainable Monday with Friday, except recognized City holidays, between the hours of 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. If no one answers throughout the over hours, please leaving a blog post with your contact information, the abandoned automobile criteria, vehicle location/information and license plate number.