Kris Ford, 31, was booked on a counting of cruelty to juveniles, if his wife, Stephanie Hayden Ford, 29, faces a counting of being a primary to cruelty come juveniles, follow to Livingston Parish jail records easily accessible online.

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Both offenses room felonies. 


The allegations were levied by william Scott, who has a 9-year-old child with Stephanie Ford. Scott cases that in September, Kris Ford, the children stepfather, struck the child with a belt “causing a huge bruise come the juvenile’s appropriate thigh (and) reduced buttocks area,” according to an arrest warrant.

Stephanie Ford saw “the knowingly mistreatment,” her arrest warrant states.

The young was interviewed and also told authorities Kris Ford win him v a belt the was perhaps leather when his mother was in the room. Link was collection at $25,000 for each, according to jail records.

It is not the very first time the gun-dealing family has run afoul of the legislation in situations involving the mistreatment that children. Patriarch will Hayden, dad of Stephanie Ford, was arrested in respectable after he to be accused the molesting a young girl.

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A woman told detectives she saw Hayden, naked, kissing a young girl inside his Greenwell Springs road home.


"Sons the Guns" star Stephanie Hayden Ford claims her dad touched she inappropriately as soon as she to be a child

Stephanie Hayden Ford take it a seat on Dr. Phil’s couch, showing up on a nationwide television broadcast Thursday to describe how her father groped…

Soon after, he to be arrested a second time as soon as the girl told eastern Baton Rouge Parish detectives the Hayden raped her on lot of occasions between March 2013 and also June 2014, according to affidavits in assistance of warrants for his arrest.

Several adult women additionally have said Hayden sexually abused them as kids in the 1990s.

The discovery Channel canceled “Sons that Guns” shortly after Hayden was accused that rape. Channel spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg particularly cited the “serious and also horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden,” in Discovery’s decision to pull the show.

In September, Stephanie Ford appeared on “Dr. Phil” and also said she father preyed ~ above her as soon as she to be a child. Specifics she alleged that Hayden groped her when she to be 12. She stated she became depressed and began to bring knives.

“I’m really afraid of him,” she stated in an interview with organize Phil McGraw.

Stephanie Ford additionally said her father raped one of the alleged victim “almost daily” because that a year.

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Ex-"Sons of Guns" star"s rape trial: Accuser gets ill on was standing recounting abuse; Hayden denies wrongdoing

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will certainly Hayden, former "Sons of Guns" star, uncovered guilty in sexual assaults of 2 girls

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