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The native "Green" in tune Titles and also Lyrics

Is eco-friendly your favorite color? If friend answered yes, then provide me a digital high-five! I’ve always loved the shade green. It’s warm, peaceful, and also relaxing.

Despite living in the metropolitan jungle my entire life, I find myself constantly looking front to out adventures where I can be surrounded by greenery, be it a large expanse of grass, a towering mountain, or a line of majestic trees. And also you deserve to bet that during these adventures, there’s nothing rather I’d quite listen to than songs v "green" in the title.

Songs around the Color and also More

You may not establish it, however there space a ton the “green songs” the end there. Not all of them refer to the shade itself, though. It’s amazing how songwriters use words "green" in various ways.

As you hear to the songs listed below, you’ll uncover that "green" could refer to life, nature, energy, money, or also something a small dirty. And no, these song aren’t expected to be played only throughout St. Patrick’s Day. You just might find yourself producing an entirely new playlist containing just songs through "green" in the title.

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Best eco-friendly Songs

1. “Green Light” through Lorde

2. “The eco-friendly Leaves of Summer” through Dimitri Tiomkin

3. “Mountain Greenery” by Mel Torme

4. “Green Jeans” through The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers

5. “I Don’t desire Your Greenback Dollars” by sunny Gale

6. “Early Morning Blues and also Greens” through Sue Raney

7. “Green Monster” by suicide Silence

8. “John Deere Green” by Joe Diffie

9. “The green Door” through Jim Lowe v The High Fives

10. “Green Tambourine” by Lemon Pipers

11. “Don’t allow the environment-friendly Grass fool You” through Wilson Pickett

12. “Long Green” through The Fireballs

13. “Greensleeves” through Olivia Newton-John

14. “49 Shades of Green” The Ames Brothers v Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra

15. “Green Onions” through Booker T & The MGs

16. “Apple Green” through June Valli with Belford Hendricks Orchestra

17. “Forevergreen” by Finitribe

18. “Big eco-friendly Country” by Neil Young

19. “Evergreen” by Barbara Streisand

20. “Green Is the Colour” through Pink Floyd

21. “Green Fields” through The Beverley Sisters

22. “Greensleeves” by The Beverley Sisters through the Roland demonstrate Orchestra

23. “Little environment-friendly Apples” by Bobby Goldsboro

24. “Collard Greens & Cornbread” through Fantasia

25. “Green Green” by The brand-new Christy Minstrels

26. “A particular Shade of Green” by Incubus

27. “The put on of the Green” through The Wolfe Tones

28. “The environment-friendly Mosquito” through The track Rockers

29. “Green Grass the Texas” by The Texans

30. ”Green Garden” by Laura Mvula

31. “Green Door” through Frankie Vaughan

32. “Green Light” through The American Breed

33. “Pretty Green” by White Denim

34. “Greensleeves” through Mantovani and His Orchestra

35. “Green-Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf

36. “Green Machine” by KYUSS

37. “Green Pastures” by Stonewall Jackson

38. “Green Shirt” by Elvis Costello and also The Attractions

39. “Green Eyes and a heart of Gold” through The Lone Bellow

40. “Green River” through Creedence Clearwater Revival

41. “A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol)” by Andy Stewart

42. “It’s Not straightforward Being Green” by Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys

43. “Green Hell” through The Misfits

44. “The Grass is Greener” by Brenda Lee

45. A little Green Rosetta” by open minded Zappa

46. “The Jolly eco-friendly Giant” through The Kingsmen

47. “Golden and Green” by The Builders and the Butchers

48. “Red Light-Green Light” by Limp Bizkit

49. “Green” by Robb Bank$ feat. Hidorah

50. “Green Disease” through Pearl Jam

51. “The eco-friendly Manalishi” by Fleetwood Mac

52. “Shades the Green” through The Flaming Ember

53. “Sproston Green” through The Charlatans UK

54. “From the Greenhouse” by cracked The Sky

55. “Green Grass & High Tides” by Outlaws

56. “The Green fields of France” through Dropkick Murphys

57. “Dr. Greenthumb” by Cypress Hill

58. “Where the environment-friendly Grass Grows” through Tim McGraw

59. "The Ballad the the eco-friendly Berets” by Barry Sadler and also Robin Moore

60. “Green eco-friendly Grass the Home” through Tom Jones

61. “Greenback Dollar” by The Kingston Trio

62. “Rhythm & Greens” by The Shadows

63. “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” by Mr. Big

64. “Green Years” through Eddie Fisher through Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra

65. “He Wore the green Beret” by Nancy Ames

66. “Off come Dublin in the Green” by The Abbey Tavern Singers

67. “Green Rocky Road” through Tim Hardin

68. “Green Day” by green Day

69. “The various other Man’s Grass Is always Greener” by Petula Clark

70. “Green thrive the Lilacs” through Soupy Sales

71. “Greensleeves” through Mason Williams

72. “Grey cell Green” by Ned’s atomic Dustbin

73. “Green, Yellow and Red” by cracked The Sky

74. “Everything’s unable to do Green” by new Order”

75. “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves” through Rainbow

76. “Green Monkey” through America

77. “Big eco-friendly Car” by Polecats

78. “Green and Grey” by brand-new Model Army

79. “Greenbank Drive” by The Christians

80. ”Just Be an excellent to Green” by Professor environment-friendly feat. Lily Allen

81. “Evergreen” by Westlfe

82. “Last Caress/Green Hell” by Metallica

83. “Greenfields” through The brothers Four

84. “Little green Bag” through George Baker

85. “Greenback Boogie” by Ima Robot

86. “Gangreen” by Ministry

87. “On the Greener Side” through Michelle Shocked

88. “Green Street Green” by The new Vaudeville Band

89. “Bowling Green” through The Everly Brotehrs

90. “O environment-friendly World” by Gorillaz

91. “The green Man” by close up door up and Dance

92. “Green Mind” through Dink

93. “The village Green conservation Society” through The Kinks

94. “Grass Is Greener” by Dave Aude Feat. Sisely Treasure

95. “Green Christmas” by Barenaked Ladies

96. “That green Gentleman (Things have Changed)" through Panic! at The Disco

97. “Fiddler’s Green” by Tim O’Brien

98. “Greenfields” through The Vogues

99. “Greensleeves (What child Is This?)" by Kenny G

100. “Collard Greens” by Schoolboy Q Feat. Kendrick Lamar

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