This track relates to Macbeth since it relates to just how he feel in various parts of the play. The text “I’m gonna fight’em off. A seven country army couldn’t hold me back.” said to exactly how Macbeth feels after seeing the three apparitions since he feels choose nothing deserve to hurt him. Likewise the relates come the guilt that is feeling and how Lady Macbeth is sustaining him. “And I’m talk to myself at night due to the fact that I can’t forget.” this represents as soon as Macbeth can not sleep since he can not forget about the killing of Duncan. “Don’t wanna hear around it, every single one’s gained a story to tell.” this reminds me of as soon as Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to stay quite and not talk around the murder.

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2. Sail – Awolnation

I feel this song represents exactly how Macbeth feels as soon as he has actually to deal with all the guilt and remorse he is feeling. The part of the song that states “Maybe I have to cry because that help, probably I need to kill myself.” reminds me of exactly how Macbeth is emotion after the murder of King Duncan since he desires to tell someone but he knows he can’t due to the fact that if that does they will certainly kill him. The second part of those text relates come his feelings because he keeps saying he does not know how he will live with himself and is make the efforts to discover a method out.

3. Hate – level White T’s

This song relates to Macbeth because every one of his friends and also the noble males turn top top him as soon as they think he killed King Duncan. The song says “I really don’t like you.” and as the play goes on much more and an ext characters develop a hatred towards Macbeth. Another part of the song states “ I believed that whatever was perfect. No that exactly how its supposed to be?” This illustrates exactly how Macbeth thought everything was gonna it is in perfect when he ended up being King however it turned the end that nothing went the means he had actually planned.

4. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

The method Macbeth acts and goes about becoming King is defined in this song because the way he deals with the civilization in his means to the throne is he death them. The component of the song that claims “You took me for every little thing that i had and also kicked me out my own. Space you happy room you satisfied exactly how long deserve to you was standing the heat?” relates come Macbeth killing kind Duncan for his position and also feeling the guilt afterwards. As soon as it states “how long can you stand the heat?” it represents the guilt Macbeth is feeling and also how lengthy he have the right to last with it bothering him.

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5. Warrior – Imagine Dragons

The song Warriors relates to Macbeth because Macbeth was a warrior, however he want more, he want to be King. As the tune progresses it states “The time will certainly come as soon as you’ll need to rise above the best and prove yourself, her spirit never dies!” come me this represents Macbeth due to the fact that when he death King Duncan that feels the is his time come rise over the best and also for that to end up being King. Also the component of the song “Farewell, I’ve gone to take it my throne above.” emphasises that he is going because that the highest power he have the right to get and also does not desire to resolve for less.






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