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Hi Gang:When I remained in my regional grocery/gun save today, the owner was placing ateh above gun on the rack for sale. That looks prefer it is new! Is this a good price or is $250.00 more in line because that what that is?Tell me what you know around this gun. That looked an extremely nice but seemed a bit heavy.TIA,Leomat

HERE"S THE BLUE book VALUES: 100%-$350.00, 98%-$325, 95%-$295, 90%-$260.00. Include $30.00 for multi-choke tubes. Include $125.00 because that slug barrel. Mfg. 1972-1984.

Always wondered around them. Some folks yes, really loved the way they fit and functioned. Others, even when the washer worry was solved, hated them choose underwear filled through ticks.For that price i would gain it and also then check out if that worked. Girlfriend might have the ability to get the money back out the it have to you gain it to run.

I"d offer $275 because that it and also mention the concerns known v them. If the declines and you really desire it, possibly $300, however I wouldn"t go any kind of higher. I"d quite risk mine money on more reliable older weapons that have much better resale, in case you don"t prefer it ~ you shot it out.

There room much much better choices... These were not poorly made, but were finicky, and also as someone rather pointed out, components are a problem.For $350 girlfriend should have the ability to find a fixed choke Remington 1100 in quite shape... It"s 100x the gun.

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Hi:The next day, a chap came into the store and bought it for $350.00. The went quick so it need to be a great deal! LOLLeomat

He may have gotten an ok deal on a ar gun.... Or, he may have taken it residence took a hack experienced to both ends, spray painted it black and sold it to a zombie hunter for $800. The sky might be the limit for a zombie gun with the S&W top top it?
The population of idiots is farming by leaps and bounds and presently they space not all able to discover employment within the government. So watch out, they are everywhere!
When maintained and cleaned effectively the 1000 is a an extremely reliable shotgun. An extremely nice looking, light and soft recoiling. There are countless parts still available for them if you recognize where to uncover them. Because that those who recognize the design there is no need to try to defend it versus others who claim it"s junk. Kind of like a Jeep thing. Yes it has a couple of quirks yet so does the Rem 1100 and also the Winchester supervisor X1. The model 1000 earned a shoddy reputation because of one faulty part. When fixed and also maintained effectively I would placed it appropriate there through the 1100 or at sight X1 together a ar gun. Castle are means too light because that a severe clay gun.Its funny exactly how when someone has actually a difficulty with one X1 or one 1100 it"s a great gun worth fixing. Yet when it"s a version 1000 through a melted down part that deserve to replaced because that $3.00 it"s a POS, or poorly designed zombie killer?I very own all three. I enjoy shooting all three. All 3 work great when they space maintained and also cleaned properly. The model 1000 is a well kept an enig as much as i am concerned.OutdoorHub Mobile, via iphone the info engine combo of the outdoors.