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Also well-known As: WWE SmackDown! vs. Life 2011Genre: Sports, rings Developer: Yukes Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: October 26, 2010

Week 2 - Backstage Brawl // Randy OrtonWeek 3 - Backstage Brawl // KozlovRoyal Rumble - Backstage Brawl // ZigglerWeek 9 - Tables complement // huge ShowWeek 12 - Backstage Brawl // BatistaWrestleMania - Last guy Standing // The Rock

Week 3 - Submission match // JerichoWeek 4 - 6 male Tag // Los ConquistadorsWeek 6 - Singles match // R TruthWeek 9 - Singles match // Bourne vs Orton (talk to Orton in top Locker Room at Elim room to collection this up)Week 10 - Cage // Hurricane (talk come him in the lower locker room to collection this up prior to teaming through RVD)WrestleMania - too much Rules // terry Funk (find the in the environment-friendly Room)

Week 4 - after the Peep Show, before talking come Tiffany, go to the peak lockerroom top top the map and talk come Regal. That will difficulty you for Superstars.Week 5 - find Kane and get challenged to an Inferno Match.Week 7 - find CM Puink in the hallways and talk to him. He will fight girlfriend inan too much rules enhance at Superstars.Week 9 - find Jericho in the trainer"s room. He will challenge you forSuperstars.Week 11 - find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 in ~ Superstars.WrestleMania - Cash in versus Edge, then examine the green Room to challengeStone Cold

You need a ladder because that this to work.First, you should break the announce table that does NOT have the ring bell through it. Then, you have to clear the other announce table, in the empty an are from wherein the damaged announce table was, skinny the ladder top top the announcement table and run up it. You will certainly be top top the announcement table, then you have to do a running strike right into the optimal right corner (i perfer a big boot) climate you must be in the crowd.

Week 4 - Backstage Brawl // face Sheamus in the middle Locker RoomWeek 5 - Tag enhance on SD // Fight truth & aftermath (talk come MVP to set this up)Week 7 - Tag match on SD // truth & results for the title (unlocks civilian MVP)Week 8 - Backstage Brawl // heritage (unlocks civilian Cena & entrance)Week 11 - sign Team // with Santino vs LegacyWrestleMania - Singles match // Vince in the green Room

Time maker Play roadway To WrestleMania through Christian. Speak to leaf in the south locker room in ~ the Elimination chamber PPV about the Time Machine. Then, go to the GM Office, and talk come Vince McMahon. You will uncover out the Time machine is damaged into 3 pieces (they will show up as three eco-friendly dots ~ above the map). Look for the Edge and Christian action figures. Lock are in between the bookshelf and the TV. As soon as you leave, you will obtain a phone call from Edge. The "Flux Capacitor" (Back to The Future reference) is in the eco-friendly Room. The "Phone Booth" (Bill & Ted"s wonderful Adventure reference) is in the parking lot. Go to Edge v all three parts to gain the Time Machine, which enables any Superstar to take trip to any allude in time top top the road To WrestleMania.

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Week 1 - Singles complement // The MizWeek 5 - Singles complement // Santino (talk to Santino in ~ the royal Rumble to collection this up)Week 7 - Parking many // CenaWeek 8 - Diva complement // Maryse vs BethWeek 11 - Singles enhance // Santino vs large Show (talk to Santino in the hall to setup her interference)WrestleMania - Singles complement // uncover Steamboat in the environment-friendly Room

First, obtain lil rey (rey mysterio) then, once you begin throw her oppenet the end the ring make sure he is level on his back finally, you operation up the turnbuckle and also press the (X) switch you should have done the secret MOVE!

In a backstage brawl, choose up a chair, and throw it in ~ your foe when over there falling over. (from a punch, not a strong strike. ) It should be walk halfway into their bodies and also stick over there for about 4 seconds.