Skyrim: finest Things to do After Beating the game A overview explaining what the player deserve to do as soon as they "finish" The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This has finding concealed bosses, collecting gear, etc.

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The player has actually beaten Skyrim. Not just by beating Alduin but by becoming the leader the guilds choose the Dark Brotherhood, Companions, and also the thef Guild. The player has likely also already completed the DLC key quests and also has beat the very first Dragonborn and also prevented Harkon from follow a prophecy that would block the end the sun. So….what now?

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Skyrim is a large game and contains a huge number that quests, collectibles, and other various details. Yet without some direction, finding several of these things have the right to be a little bit difficult. Still, regardless of what the player chooses to do, there is a kind amount of things the player have the right to do when they beat the game.

there are numerous purchasable properties across Skyrim. One way the player deserve to spend your time is to develop their appropriate base. Placed some equipment on display, place unique items top top weapon racks, organize containers to organize specific types of items, etc. There are few things that can serve as a hallmark the a playthrough like a personalized player home.

This is especially true because that the properties added by the Hearthfire DLC, which enables the Dragonborn to develop a home tailored to their preference. Playing an alchemist? obtain a property and build an alchemist tower alongside your greenhouse. Playing as an scholastic mage? construct an enchanter’s tower and a library.

gift the Dragonborn who defeated Alduin is every well and also good, however what if the player desires their character to have even much more prestige? to have one more title. Each Jarl in the province is allowed to give the player the title of Thane if castle gain sufficient of a positive reputation in their hold. This will grant the Dragonborn access to a new weapon to offer as a badge of office, the privilege to buy residential property in specific holds, and also the capability to have the guards revolve away indigenous a crime once.

The player will require to finish a couple of quests approximately the hold, however the key reward isn’t really the Thane title itself. The is the stories and experiences discovered along the way. Ask roughly Morthal and the player might uncover a vampire plot. Hang about Windhelm and the Dragonborn might get involved in a murder mystery. In Solitude? The player may hear around a disturbance in a cavern that turns out to be home to a coven of witches attempting to resurrect an old and powerful necromancer. As soon as all is said and also done, the player should be feeling favor a local hero.

there are several pieces of distinctive gear in Skyrim. Several of them are rather lackluster, prefer The Longhammer that deserve to be discovered in Liar’s Retreat or the Pale tongue from Frostmere Crypt. But some are more interesting and powerful. These encompass several daedric artifact choose the Mace that Molag Bal and the Ebony Mail. They can be obtained all throughout Skyrim by completing a range of daedric quests, and also some that these quests can even be initiated in funding holds. What around those dragon priest masks the the player periodically finds in Nordic ruins? There’s in reality an unmarked pursuit in the Labyrinthian wherein the player have the right to turn in every 8 of them for a secret hidden mask. Just proceed exploring and also eventually, the Dragonborn will encounter some of these distinctive items.

But that course, not all equipment has to it is in found. Few of them have the right to be crafted. If the Dragonborn has a kind amount of skill in either enchanting or blacksmithing, the player have the right to craft a range of impressive gear. This contains armor do of dragon parts and also weapons with incredibly an effective enchantments. Be it because that aesthetics or power, the player can proceed playing the game by obtaining some of the most powerful gear in the game.

Fight surprise Bosses in Skyrim

Skyrim Karstaag
yet what’s the allude of collecting all the armor if the player doesn’t use it? The finest thing the Dragonborn can do in these scenarios is to walk out and also find some surprise bosses. Few of them room easy enough to find by simply exploring. Think that dragon priests that have the right to be uncovered in damages or unique enemies favor Haldyn who deserve to be found in the quest titled “Rise in the East”. Most of them are not as well difficult, yet they have the right to still provide the player a decent little of entertainment.

But there room some more difficult bosses who have the right to only be found through an ext esoteric means. One example is the dragon Vulthuryol, who deserve to only be discovered if the Dragonborn supplies the unrelenting force shout top top the gigantic dwemeri orb in Blackreach. An additional is the frost large known as Karstaag, who the Dragonborn can summon if castle pilfer his skull indigenous Glacial Cave and also place that on his throne in the lock Karstaag Ruins. Or how around fighting the reaping machine in the spirit Cairn by detect his lair and also placing three reaper shards in his chest?

Download Mods because that Skyrim

This only applies for PCs and the an ext advanced consoles (ex. Playstation 4 and also Xbox One), however mods are an excellent option because that those who desire to dramatically increase their capacity to play Skyrim. Mods can do nearly anything from reskinning opponents to including entirely new regions for the player come explore. Castle can adjust graphics, add brand-new armor varieties, readjust NPC dynamics, include player homes, etc. If the player desires something, climate odds room someone had actually a do a mode for it.

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The ideal part? it’s all complimentary and the modding community itself is substantially large. Which way even in 2020 brand-new mods and mod updates space still coming the end regularly. That activity combined v a large repository of older mods method players with access to them will likely have no shortage the potential content for any type of playthrough.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, playstations 3, playstations 4, home windows PCs, and also Nintendo Switch