The shot put was very first introduced in 1896 and is still supplied today together a classic field event at the Olympic, college and high college levels. This sports combines strength, kind and technique. Choose all events, there are plenty of rules and also regulations participants need to follow come ensure a fun, an overwhelming and competitive atmosphere.

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The shot put event focuses on hurling a heavy metal round as much as possible. The athlete holds the "shot" close come his neck through his elbow parallel to the ground. The thrower then supplies one that two methods that help him obtain inertia and also momentum come propel the shot. The two techniques are well-known as the glide and also spin. With the glide technique, the thrower encounters 180 degrees away native the place they will certainly be throwing and swiftly kicks while all at once rotating until reaching the throw position. The spin is a glide that requires an ext rotation and is one of the most renowned techniques used throughout competitions.

Equipment and Playing Area

According to the USA monitor & ar 2010 Competition rules Handbook, the put circle must have actually a diameter the 2.135 meter or 7 ft, the construction of the shot have to be a hard spherical form of brass, stole or any other kind of metal that is as hard as brass and also the finish must it is in smooth. The load of the shot for high institution athletes is in between 11 and also 13 pounds for boys and 8.8 pounds for girls, and for college and Olympic athletes, the is 16 pounds because that men and 8.8 pounds because that women, according to Brian Mac sporting activities Coach. Over there is also a wooden toe plank at the former of the circle that have the right to not measure higher than 10 cm and should be painted white.

The Put

The shot need to be put on the shoulder with only one hand, and also once the thrower takes a view in the one to begin a put, the shot have to be poignant or very close to the chin and also neck. Do not drop your hand once in this position, and also make sure you carry out not carry the shoot behind the shoulder. Every shot putter has actually a certain number of throws come complete; once the athlete"s surname is called, he has actually one minute to complete his throw. Any improper technique will an outcome in a foul for that throw.


After the throw, the thrower have to stay in the circle and wait because that the measurement. The judges must identify if the litter landed within the designated boarders, and the thrower"s shoes must not touch the external of the one or the toe board. The distance of the litter is measured indigenous the circumference of the circle along a line to the nearest note made by the loss of the shot.

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