A ________ is a group of 2 or much more computers, or nodes, configured to share information and also resources.

A) router

B) bus

C) bridge

D) network

Which the the complying with is not an advantage of using networks as compared to a stand-alone computer?

A) enable software sharing

B) Facilitate expertise sharing

C) enhanced communication capabilities

D) ease of maintenance and administration

A ________ enables multiple individuals to connect to the net through one connection.

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A) document server

B) hub

C) network

D) packet screener

________ networks save on computer servers and also computers that individual users accessibility and use.

A) Client/server

B) Peer-to-peer

C) Switch


In a(n) ________ network, each node connected to the network communicates straight with every other


A) Client/server

B) Peer-to-peer

C) Intranet

D) Extranet

P2P networks become challenging to regulate when they room expanded past ________ users.

A) 5

B) 10

C) 20

D) 50

A ________ is a network offered by one person connected via wireless media.



C) guy


A ________ uses the windy Internet communications infrastructure to build a secure, private network.





A(n) ________ is used solely within a coporation, group or organization.


B) intranet

C) extranet

D) Internet

A(n) ________ server tracks who is logging on come the network as well as which services on the network are available to each user.

A) gateway

B) authentication

C) dedicated

D) document

Which the the following is FALSE around servers?

A) Servers room the workhorses that the client/server network.

B) Servers interface with numerous different network users.

C) A document server stores and manages records for a network.

D) every networks require at least two servers

A(n) ________ server is a server that stores and manages files for network users.

A) file

B) e-mail

C) print

D) database

A publish server provides a print ________ together a software holding area because that printing jobs.

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A) stack

B) queue

C) buffer

D) heap

When a client computer connects to a network and requests the use of Microsoft Office 2010, because that example, the ________ server it is provided the software program to the customer computer.