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Statement A is correct. Statement b is exactly : we can see the cashoutflow indigenous financing task of $7000 but only $5000 longterm debt cleared in 2018 thus the staying $2000 paid…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: pick the 4 statements that are TRUE around the complying with company: (Correct selections increase her score. Incorrect choices decrease her score, therefore I recommend that you execute not guess.) girlfriend a 2018 legacy Cash accounts receivable (net) Inventory total current assets Property, plant, and equipment gathered depreciation PPE (net) full assets 2017 Sales expense of products sold $30,000 $12,300 Gross benefit 13,500 8,500 earnings 25.000 13.500 68,500 Depreciation 34,300 various other operating expen 320,000 350,000 total operating expens -150,000 -150.000 170,000 200 000 Net earnings $238,500 $234 300 *company had no benefit Liabilities and also Shareholders' Equity present liabilities long-term debt total liabilities $8,500 55,000 63,500 $9,000 60,000 69,000 Cash from operation a Cash indigenous investing ac Cash indigenous financing ac Share resources Retained earnings total equity 100,000 100,000 75.000 65,300 175,000 165,300 $238,500 $234,300 complete liabilities and also shareholders' equity Sales price of items sold pistol profit wages Depreciation other operating expenses total operating prices Net income $261,000 $223,000 112.000 80,000 149,000 143,000 85,400 68,000 20,000 23,000 31,900 22,000 137,300 113,000 $11.700 $30,000 . Company had no profit or casualty Cash from operating activities Cash indigenous investing activities Cash from financing activities $ $ 14,700 10,000 7,000 2 -$ . . Choose one or more a. In 2018, the agency is very good at collecting accounts recewable, also if your goal is 30 days b. The company paid dividend in 2018 c. The company's liquidity reduced from 2017 come 2018 d. The company was less efficient at managing its "other operating expenses" in 2018, than it was in 2017 based on vertical analysis De according to cash operation from financing, the company is relying on blame to finance its operations Ef. Cash circulation from operations appears to be poor g. Sales boosted 17% but as whole profit margin diminished 9% Th. The agency is struggling to pay its irreversible obligations