Scott Michael Foster Biography

Scott Michael Foster is one American actor. He is finest known for his duties as Captain man Paul “Cappie” Jones in the ABC family comedy-drama series Greek (2007-2011), Leo Hendrie in the ABC family drama Chasing Life (2014—2015) and also as Nathaniel Plimpton III in stunner Ex-Girlfriend. Foster additionally had recurring roles on Californication, Halt and Catch Fire, and Once top top a Time.

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Scott Michael Foster Age

Scott to be born top top 4 march 1985 in Winfield, Illinois, unified States. The is 33 year old as of 2018.

Scott Michael Foster girlfriend | Scott Michael Foster Dating

Foster has recently come to be tight-lipped when it involves his romantic life. ”I intend to keep my personal life far from public scrutiny,” he stated to the media. However, in the past, Foster has remained in two famous relationships. First was in 2007 through his Greek co-star Spencer Grammer.

Fans the the hit present would agree that the on-screen chemistry in between them was just absolutely undeniable. Foster to be 21 at the moment while Grammer to be 23.

Fans were particularly excited around their partnership as it all seemed favor a fairy story come true. However, the pair can not quite organize it with each other for long as they split in 2008, wrecking the hearts of Greek fans.

While Grammer go on come date and also later get married James Hesketh in 2011, Foster in 2008, discovered love in the eyes of that ’70s display star actress Laura Prepon, who is now recognized for Orange Is The brand-new Black. Scott appears to favor them a bit much more mature than he is as Laura to be older than him through a 5-year period difference.

Scott Michael Photo

Their relationship lasted for about five years before they separation in 2013 for factors unknown to the media. Prefer Scott, Laura additionally keeps that private once it involves her personal life. Regardless of rising to stardom as a teenager, she has actually never to be tabloid fodder. She as soon as told Marie Claire; “I’m like, I’m no gonna invest my day updating my society media. I desire to enjoy and also live my life. I desire to let people in, I want fans to understand what ns doing, yet there’s likewise a lot of I keep close to the vest.”

However, paparazzi controlled to catch a glimpse of your outings if they were together.

Three year after she break increase from Foster, people reported in October 2016 that she was involved to Ben Foster. The news came as a shock come the media that was unaware that an currently relationship between them.

Like his permanent ex-girlfriend, Scott Foster has chosen to stay uber-private once it pertains to his date life. Possibly news of his engagement would shockingly popular music up in the news together well.

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Scott Michael Foster as soon as Upon A Time | Once ~ above A Time Scott Michael Foster

“Once ~ above a Time” speak the story the a brand-new world, one in which fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is comfortable in she life as a bail bond collector as soon as Henry — the child she gave up a decade earlier — suddenly shows up. That is persuaded that she is the daughter of eye White and also Prince Charming, who sent her away prior to the evil Queen could cast a spell, freezing the fairytale people in time and bringing castle to present-day Storybrooke, Maine. After taking Henry home, Emma decides to remain in the city to keep an eye ~ above him, and she discovers he might not it is in wrong after all.

First illustration date: 23 October 2011 Final episode date: 18 may 2018 Theme song: once Upon a Time theme tune Production locations: Steveston, brothers Columbia, Vancouver

Successful and driven, Rebecca Bunch seemingly has it every — an upscale apartment in Manhattan and also a partnership at a prestigious law firm — but she feels like something is missing. After ~ a chance meeting through a former romantic interest, Rebecca impulsively decides to provide up her life in brand-new York and also relocate come West Covina, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb she hopes will be the perfect residence base as she embarks on a quest for love, adventure, and also true happiness. Star Rachel Bloom additionally serves together an executive producer. 
First episode date: 12 October 2015
Network: The CW television Network
Production location: West Covina
Awards: Golden globe Award for ideal Performance by an Actress in a Television series – music or Comedy,