San Antonio, Texas, does no have any kind of mountains, however we do have the next finest thing. We speak to them hills. In fact, the city is top top the southern edge ofTexas Hill Country. The a satisfied to drive through Hill Country, and also even more amazing to hike v the hills.

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Hill nation is the Next ideal Thing

Hills room tiny formations in comparison to mountains, but they have their advantages. Below in Texas, it’s simple to with the peak of a hill on foot. Plenty of hills administer far reaching views in multiple directions. Furthermore, friend don’t have actually to attend to snow, or cold weather! In fact, some locations may it is in too warm to bear in the center of the year.

Old Baldy at Garner State Park in Texas Hill Country

Highest Elevations in Texas Hill Country

Many Texas State Parks are complete of daunting trails with scenic views. The highest suggest we have discovered is at shed Maples State natural Area. Several of the hills at this park rise 2,300 feet over sea level, i beg your pardon is lot smaller 보다 a mountain. The 2nd highest elevation is at south Llano river State Park top top the Frontera Trail. This follow rises to an elevation of 2,130 feet over sea level and also has an remarkable view the Texas Hill Country.

Where to discover Mountains close to San Antonio, Texas

If mountains are what you space after, friend will need to head west to big Bend Country. Girlfriend will discover plenty of hills south of new Mexico. In fact, san Antonio mountain is among them. That rises 7,000 feet above sea level, but it’s 500 miles from mountain Antonio, Texas, wherein you will not discover anything virtually that high.

The Chisos mountains are slightly closer to mountain Antonio. However, they are still around 450 mile west. Hiking and also camping in those mountains is one of the many popular, and best things to perform in big Bend national Park. Large Bend is among the most amazing locations in our nation. It’s feasible to hike come Emory Peak, which is virtually 8,000 feet high and provides a most spectacular check out of the park. You will not uncover mountains favor these in mountain Antonio, but we carry out love our hills!

From the top of the Chisos mountains inside big Bend N.P.

Highest Elevations in mountain Antonio, Texas

Black Hill boasts the highest elevation in san Antonio, at around 1,600 feet over sea level. Black Hill is situated inside government Canyon State herbal Area, top top the northwest side of the city and also has among the finest trails in san Antonio. Return the black color Hill Loop walk not result in the highest elevation within the park, you have the right to see downtown mountain Antonio about 30 miles away! We have witnessed this, and many various other adventurous views, if hiking in san Antonio.

There space several various other peaks which have elevations in between 1,200 and 1,500 feet over sea level in san Antonio. However, they room inside Camp Bullis, which is off borders to the public. Eisenhower Park is a an extremely popular park close to Camp Bullis. The highest allude is around 1,300 feet over sea level. You deserve to find all of these elevations top top the World wide Elevation Finder.

Downtown mountain Antonio from black Hill Loop

San Antonio has actually Zero Mountains and Thousands that Hills (Nearby)

San Antonio is not well-known for mountains, however you may recognize its other attractions. The Alamo, the mountain Antonio Riverwalk and military bases are situated here. San Antonio is likewise known because that its Spanish goals and cultural heritage.

San Antonio boundaries the southern edge the Texas Hill Country, and its elevation is around 650 feet above sea level. Take trip a really short street north, or northwest, and you deserve to see the hills reaching around 2,000 feet over sea level. Travel much more than 100 mile west and also you will see mountains in the distance.

We make the pilgrimage to huge Bend nationwide Park from mountain Antonio recently. It’s a 7-hour road trip if you carry out not stop. That course, we had actually to protect against at a state park ~ above the means there and ago for a rest from the road. The following video clip shows glimpses of hills in the distance about 160 mile west of mountain Antonio. It culminates v the Chisos mountains inside large Bend nationwide Park. Happy adventuring and safe travels!

Driving to the Chisos hills in big Bend N.P. From mountain Antonio, TX

I’m a certified an individual trainer in san Antonio. After adopting Abbey, I created Places for Pups to aid you obtain outside, exercise v your dog and have funny doing it.

We have actually mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we room not responsible for you or your pets. You are specifically responsible for trying exercises, or places questioned on this site.

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Grab the finest hiking gear and go dog friendly. Ns wish you good fortune top top the trails to come.

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