South Section
West Section
East Section

Watch the event scene, and then Arthur will take you come the Floating Fortress. If you decide to go back to town, you deserve to reach right here again by merely using the airship dashboard in town. The dungeon is split into 3 areas, and you should clear every one of them to unlock the last room in the center. The south section is reasonably linear area, the west part consist of warp points and also the east section has pillars blocking your path. Once you with to the end of each ar you will challenge a mini-boss. There is additionally a low chance of finding platinum in the crates here, which have the right to be supplied to craft several of the best equipment at this allude in the game.

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South Section

Monster ListDrops
ThunderbirdThunderbird Feather, Stick
Little DragonDragon Fang
FortoiseBlk. Tortoise Shell, Gold, Silver
Hover SoldierCheap Propeller, Iron
Pepper GhostGreen Pepper Seed, green Pepper, Hood

The southern area attributes a solid gust of wind avoiding you from reaching to particular spots. Begin the area by heading down and then go west. You can then take it a detour and also head south. In this room, place things from her inventory on to the switch. Act this will remove the wind whereby the environment-friendly switch is located. Push the switch, then return to the previous area and also head east. Press the blue switch and continue on to the following area. Keep relocating to the next room till you view a purple switch. You have the right to press that to change the direction the the wind, and also this will certainly let you accessibility the room to the eastern or west. Continue on west and head south. Below there will certainly be a path causing two rooms. Head come the room on the left first and clear all the monsters, then press the switch. Execute the very same thing for the room top top the east, and also this will certainly unlock a conserve point. Head to the next room come fight a boss.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Fortress Tank +24000Love????N/AMTGU Plate, Gold
The Fortress Tank is a stationary target and has a total of 3 attacks. The tank have the right to shoot number of bubbles, and then blast a cannon in one direction. The most deadly strike is the light bolt, because it"s quick and also covers a the majority of space. When its HP fall below fifty percent the tank will go berserk, make it move much faster and start spraying bullets in all various directions. It will certainly charge at you and can fire a laser in one direction. You will certainly need move out the the tank"s sight if it begin to charge its laser, or else it could be game over.

Continue to the next room. Here you"ll see two portals; the one in the southern will return you come the entrance, when the phibìc one will take you to an area you couldn"t with before. (It looks choose there room walls impede the phibìc portal, yet the path there is actually very narrow and hidden in between them.) take the phibìc portal and also continue onward. As soon as you reach near the end, you will discover a treasure chest include an Invisible Stone. Currently return come the enntrance gate of the paris fortress and continue with either the eastern or west section.

West Section

The west ar is filled through warp portals that lead to one room after another. Start by heading west till you find two portals. (If you take the dorn portal, you will most likely end up earlier at the beginning.) begin by acquisition the warp below, and also then head come the room ~ above the right and take the warp. There is just one way to go here, therefore head west and also take the warp. In below there room two rooms you deserve to warp to. If you take it the phibìc exit, you will certainly eventually discover a chest that contains 18,000 g, but it will also take you ago to the beginning. To proceed forward, take it the west exit and head to the warp. After ~ that, head to the room below and also take the warp to the next area. Go north to the following room, however DO no take the warp or rather you will certainly be taken ago to the beginning. Loss all the monsters first, and also it will certainly clear the area to expose a switch. Push the switch and also then take it the north leave to the warp. Right here you will uncover a save allude and a warp ago to the beginning.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sechs Golem????Love????N/AGolem Tablet
Due come the high defense the the Sechs Golem, there is a high possibility you will certainly not have any kind of success to win this battle unless you room using equipment with high magic strike power. The Golem only has a few attacks; it have the right to shoot that fist prefer a rocket or beat you when you"re close to it. The Golem can likewise spins its eight around and damage you if you"re in range.

East Section

This ar of the dungeon is quite straightforward. You need to uncover a full of nine various coloured switches to eliminate all the pillars. This area is set up in a straight pattern whereby the pillars will block all possible passages, leaving you with only one path and a lot of backtracking. Begin the area through heading southeast till you have reached a dead end. Friend will find a yellow switch here; push it and it will remove the yellow pillars. Now return come the beginning area and go east, then take trip all the method north till you reach the last area. Right here you can uncover a red switch near a fire trap. Push the red switch and return 2 maps southern to wherein the red pillar was. Walk east and also head one room southern to uncover a blue switch. Press the blue switch and also then head back to the area wherein the red move was. You will notification the blue obelisk is now gone. Head east and then head one room south. Proceed east, climate south, one room east, and then south again. Girlfriend will find a green switch in this area. Press the eco-friendly switch and then return all the way north to where the eco-friendly pillars were located. Proceed east, climate head north, and also defeat all the monster in this room. This will disclose a pink switch in the center. Push it and also then go back to the beginning area. Run east all the means to wherein the pink pillars are. Now head south to find another switch, press it, go back to the previous room, and also head east. Girlfriend should find a save allude and the ceo room best ahead.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sechs Tank18700Love????N/AShiny Screw, Rusty Screw
The Sechs tank doesn"t have actually a really wide range of attacks. That spins roughly when you obtain close to it, but if you"re much away it can shoot two lasers covering a large part that the screen. Occasionally it will also spin around and fire a barrage the bullets, i beg your pardon you can dodge by weaving in between them. Once its wellness gets low, it have the right to shoot a laser that will certainly cover nearly the whole screen. This have the right to be quickly dodged by hiding close to the next of the tank.

Now that you have actually completed all 3 sections, return earlier to the entrance. The center area will currently be unlocked, so head there to hit the final boss that the main story.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Ethelberd????Love????N/AShiny Screw, Rusty Screw
This is the last boss the the game, and also it"s a pretty lengthy fight, Ethelberd"s simple movement consists of teleporting around and shooting projectiles in ~ you. The can additionally temporarily transform into one the the dragons to unleash their signature attacks, favor dropping a vast wave the meteors. The attack you have to be extremely careful of is when he fees up and also unleashes a small blue energy ball in the center. The energy ball will increase to sheathe the entire screen and also kills your entire party instantly. To protect against this, you have to run come the edge near the pillars, together close to the sheet of display as possible. When you have controlled to defeat Ethelberd, he will certainly power up and also a scripted battle will occur. Follow the event scenes till you have actually finished the game.

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Clearing the video game will add brand-new Extra Orders. These functions has all sorts of points such as displaying the foe HP gauge, transforming the music, your character"s appearance, and also a bunch of various other things besides. There is likewise an Order to unlock the Sharance Maze, however it"s not recommended you walk there till you have cleared the third story arc.