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Hi-Life, too Swift, Young Quik, carry it to 'emRun up operation up we acquired de total upHaters that think us funnin dey acquire done upRun up operation up we got de pistol upHaters the think us funnin dey gain done upStop schemin, and also lookin hardI obtained that ghetto platinum credit cardMake one phone call and also fools gettin hurtNiggas, busters, bitches in skirtsGot a hoe in the house peepin out yo' safeGet you naked, and also duct tape your nuts to her waistHorny nigga, thought you to be gettin some cockYou ain't gettin shit, nigga you acquired gotWhile I operation your shit earlier over to the top400 bottles of Moet gettin poppedNot also cops, can fuck with Swift or the DigglerServe and protect, us gettin rid of yaPut the eco-friendly light ~ above L.A.P.DCause I'm exhausted of the motherfuckers fuckin v MEI wanna bust, that's exactly how I feeling itG shit, punk bitch, we be keepin it real
- 2XInvisibility like an are GhosterI'm comin through in my range Rover, shooting 'em up the party's overCause when I'm sober favor to ? in minesI squeeze tight as part pliers, manage my strap, with these evil designsTo death a nigga, don't action in mine pathA psycho maniac nigga raw killer it's a bloodbathThe aftermath, 'll do you laughCold shoot 'em up favor La-Di-Da-Di once that 45 hit his bodyDrop his corpse to the motherfuckin pavementIt ain't no future in the California brave shitI guess that you believed that it to be all about youBut it's all around that one 8 double-oh, hit 'em up some mo'Niggas constantly causin, dramaBut as well Swift I'm gettin calmer, plottin favor the unibomberNiggas trippin turn off my conversationsIt ain't no confrontations, when my strap ? choose installations - 2XNow every day, every day, I'm only out because that my richesBusters and snitches be player hatin for this reason I'm elevatinLike elevators, regulate favor regulatorsAssassinate player haters, a lyrical motivatorPull mo' raid than Raiders, so girlfriend think you can fade us?Yes we snap like alligators and also got mo' video game than yo' fastest commentatorWhen mine intellect, the dialect, subtractin conversationsCause I'm a lethal weapon as soon as it comes to confrontations

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We obtain money, money ns gotMakin haters hot when ns whip in the dropDing dong it's the bell, as soon as again it's onPostman reduce the package out in front of mine homeCould this it is in a setup? Shit, man let me gain upAin't no one comin in here, castle gettin wet upOpened up the package, it to be nothin yet scrillaWe gon' throw one more party, this is Hi-Life nigga! - 4XWe do 'em wanna riiiiiiide!