When installing a Bifold door right into a wall it is important that the unstable opening because that the Bifold door be size correctly.

If the turbulent opening is not sized appropriately the Bifold door will certainly either no fit if the is as well small, or have wide gaps if it is as well large.

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Sizing a Bifold Door stormy Opening with a Door Jamb Opening

Typically the stormy bifold door opening should be sized 2 inches more comprehensive and 2 inches greater than the door itself, nevertheless of the bifold door size.
For instance a four-foot large (48”) by six feet, eight inches high (80”) Bifold collection of doors, would need a stormy opening broad of 50 inches and a height of 82 inches.

This size finished opened for a bifold door will permit for one of two people a doorjamb kit come be mounted or for ¾” thick choose lumber come be provided to create the perfect doorjamb.

Note that most bifold door assemblies perform not come through a doorjamb kit so using ¾” thick select lumber to produce the finished doorjamb is reasonably common.

What is Finished opening for Bifold Doors – vital Note

Again, the bifold closet door opening need to be trimmed the end first, and also thus it is in accounted because that in sizing a bifold door unstable opening.

The finished opened for bifold doors entails the fastening the 1″ x N” trim boards come the bifold door unstable opening 2×4 frame studs. The 1″ special trim boards, however, are in reality just 3/4″ thick. For this reason the bifold door finished opening should be 1.5″ narrower than the rough bifold door opening, as result of the environment of the finished trim boards.

How to install Bifold Doors

The bifold door mechanical bracket assemblies in reality screw right into this finished doorjamb so that is necessary that the doorjamb be installed plumb and level.

To complete the internal trim work associated with the doorjamb, when using ¾” choose lumber, instance moulding is wrapped around the perimeter the it. For ideal results, mitered cuts room employed.

See this eBook on how to install interior door trim.

Sizing a Bifold Door stormy Opening for a Sheetrocked wrapped Opening

If the Bifold door is come be installed into a sheetrocked wrapped opening the stormy opening width have to be sized to the actual width of the Bifold doors (48” in the instance of this example). The unstable opening elevation should it is in the elevation of the door add to 3/4″ (80 ¾” in the case of this example).

Note the these guidelines because that a finished opened for a bifold door are common framing requirements that room employed in the home building and construction business. Girlfriend should always check with the manufacturer or product specifications to confirm the unstable opening requirements for your certain bifold doors.

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