“Rose the Jericho” can refer to two various plants

Both tree are dubbed resurrection plants. This nickname could additionally refer to around a hundred and thirty other plants through the capability to dry out and come back to life, though they belong to various families and won’t discover their means into numerous nurseries.

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The 2 that walk by the name “Rose the Jericho” are Anastatica heirochuntica and Selaginella lepidophylla.

Anastatica heirochuntica is likewise called “True” rose of Jericho. This plant hails from the Middle east (i.e. Jericho) and also is less usual than Selaginella lepidophylla. It’s also considered less attractive.


This plant grows small white flowers when totally hydrated, however it have to actually source in floor to revive, which renders it a tiny harder to treatment for. It’s the just plant in the Anastatica genus and also is a member that the mustard family.

Selaginella lepidophylla is additionally called “False” rose of Jericho or dinosaur plant. This tree is a form of spike moss and is discovered in the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico, new Mexico, and Arizona.


This tree is easier to find than the true increased of Jericho and is less complicated to care for due to the fact that it doesn’t must be planted in soil. Due to the fact that it’s so much an ext common, many of our references work best for Selaginella lepidophylla.

Rose the Jericho in history and religion

With a nickname choose “resurrection plant,” it’s no wonder that increased of Jericho hold a special place in many civilization religions and myths.

You can find references to this plants in literature from approximately the world. The scientific community has additionally taken an interest in this plant because that its drought resistant and potentially cancer-fighting properties!

Read our overview to the history of climbed of Jericho here!

How to buy a rose of Jericho

Luckily, false rose of Jericho is reasonably easy to find because it’s so simple to store and require no care when in storage.

Check Etsy, Amazon, garden stores, even chain stores v a gardening section! (Make certain the label says Selaginella lepidophylla if that’s what you looking for.)

If you’ve got your heart collection on a true climbed of Jericho, you will do it have better luck detect one online from Etsy or an virtual nursery. Simply make sure “Anastatica heirochuntica” is mentioned to ensure you’re gaining the correct plant. If possible, examine ratings and also reviews from various other customers to make certain the agency has a an excellent reputation and is selling the plant they claim to sell.

How to care for a increased of Jericho

Rose that Jericho is a great plant if you have actually a history of a black thumb since they space very, very hard to kill. You can let your plant fully dry out and it will certainly come right ago to life after ~ a few hours of hydration. It doesn’t acquire much easier than that!

What you need to revive a increased of Jericho

Wide, shallow dish (Optional) Pebbles – enough to spread across the bottom the the food Distilled, room-temperature water A glowing spot v indirect sunshine A dried climbed of Jericho or False increased of Jericho

Ready to shot your own Rose the Jericho?


To “plant” your increased of Jericho, to fill dish v pebbles or gravel and include water until the pebbles are just submerged. Location your increased of Jericho on height with that roots touching the water.

(You can also skip the pebbles and also put the tree right into a shallow food of water, however we feel the pebbles aid it balance and also look nice.)


Place in indirect light and wait!

Tip: use distilled water or allow tap water sit out overnight for the chlorine and also any other chemicals evaporate before including to your plant.


Change the water because that your climbed of Jericho every day to save it clean. (If friend skip a job here and there, you will do it be okay.) every you need to do is collection out some fresh water every night. In the morning, drainpipe the dish and include the new water.

The greatest trick to the climbed of Jericho is no to over water it. This is basic to do, since you just remove the plant from water every week or so to give it a rest. No guesswork around how lot water to offer it or exactly how often. Just provide it a weekly rest from the water dish and also it’s happy.

Every month, give your increased of Jericho a week there is no water come dry out a small bit. Pick the very same week every month to do this easy. Simply drainpipe the dish and leave the tree on the pebbles, or eliminate the plant completely and put it in a darker place.

Read our thorough watering guide here!


Rose of Jericho thrives ideal at room temperature, therefore watch the end for vents, drafts, and also extreme temperature fluctuations. It could be a desert plant, but extreme warm or cold have the right to still damages it.

Learn an ext about rose of Jericho care here.

How lengthy does it take for climbed of Jericho to open?

If inserted in lukewarm water, your climbed of Jericho have to open in about 4 hours, despite it can not open up to its complete capacity because that a couple of days.


Is rose of Jericho toxic?

Like every spike mosses, Selaginella lepidophylla (false increased of Jericho) may be toxicity to cats, therefore it’s best to play that safe. Store your rose of Jericho the end of reach, or choose a various plant.

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How to keep your rose of Jericho

The best way to store rose of Jericho is in a paper bag or a crate in a cool, dry location where the won’t acquire crushed. As soon as it’s safely save away, it will dry out and wait because that you come revive that again. Simple!

Fun tips to screen your increased of Jericho

try switching the end your bowls and also dishes! try clear bowls, fancy bowls, vintage bowls, etc. To check out what you prefer best. Girlfriend can also switch them out to enhance the seasons or your holiday decor! do it a seasonal treat. Numerous Christians recreation their rose of Jericho around Christmas and also Easter together a symbolic decoration. This would also be a fun way to memory the coming of spring! kids LOVE the town hall this plant come earlier to life! make reviving and also caring for this tree a family affair.

Rose that Jericho is the perfect plant for the plant-phobic or everyone who desires to add a tiny novelty to your houseplant collection. It’s by much one of the most basic plants to treatment for and is basic to placed away if you happen to move or don’t want to display screen your plant every the time.

ANYONE can care for this plant, therefore if you’ve been nervous around dipping your toes in the people of indoor plants, offer this one a try!