The strings the the mariachi’s violins started to beat the opened notes that “Amor Eterno,” and my eight were immediately covered in goosebumps. I started to cry. I tried to stifle my sobs with my hand, but there was no holding lock back.

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I looked around and also saw my friend Priscilla was doing the same, and also like a domino effect, the rest of our group started to well up v tears.

CREDIT: below I to be sobbing my eyes the end to “Amor Eterno.” photograph credit: Shawna Ghafouri-Wehrley

A pair of years ago, eight of my girlfriends and also I took a expedition to Mexico City. While there was plenty of great times had, the highlight that has involved define the time isall of united state drinking micheladas aboard a vivid trajinera in Xochimilco and crying come the mariachi playing “Amor Eterno.”

Over the years, that song has grown to denote something better for numerous of us, giving a touching soundtrack come our individual grief.For Priscilla, it’s she sister. For me, it’s my dad.

To to speak “Amor Eterno” hold a special location in my heart would be a gross understatement.

Written by arguably Mexico’s biggest composer, Juan Gabriel, the song is a first-person account of someone mourning the lose of a loved one that passed.

Como quisiera / que tu vivieras / que tus ojitos / jamas se hubieran / cerrado nunca / y estar mirandolos / Amor Eterno / Inolvidable

It was first released in 1984 through thelegendary so late singer Rocío Dúrcal on her album “Canta a Juan Gabriel Volumen 6,” a repertoire of her renditions the Gabriel songs. Gabriel himself would certainly go top top to execute it. The album and song became a substantial hit, through the album being introduced right into the Latin Grammy room of Fame.

While city legend claims the tune is about Durcal’s son, who died in an accident in Acapulco,Gabriel created “Amor Eterno” in respect of his mother, who passed away in 1974. He got the news that her death while on tour in Acapulco, i beg your pardon is referenced in the song. El más triste recuerdo de Acapulco.

Dúrcal herself was no Mexican, however rather native Madrid. However, many thanks in large part to she career-defining occupational with Gabriel, she hasbecome among Mexico’s greatest icons. Her stays are also divided in between her house inTorrelodones, Spain, and also Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Mexico City. The song is maybe the crowningachievement in their body of cooperation work and also became avital item in Mexico’s cultural canon.

Because of this, “Amor Eterno” resides in my blood. That rattles my soul with that achingly beautiful strings, melancholy words, and the longing in Dúrcal’s voice. It’s there in every vital moment, nevertheless of ifit’sa joyous or catastrophic one.

CREDIT: Credit: Christina Henderson

Even so, the song has actually reached beyond Mexico’s borders. Last year, one all-woman Guajira boy band played the song for me and my friends in Havana. The singer also held her hand to she chest and said “Canción hermosa! Viva México!”

Just together its title suggests, the track speaks to love that is eternal, love the isn’t restricted to the physical existence of the one you hold in her heartand continues after ours bodies turn to dust. “Amor Eterno” stop this strength for many, specifically those who have suffered a good loss.

Coming indigenous a culture that reveres death and also the spiritual people makes the tune even an ext meaningful. We evenhave a holiday devoted to honoring the dead and giving them a bridge to return to earth for a solitary night to spend with their loved ones. Us mourn our dead openly and emotionally, and also this song incorporates that intrinsic component of the culture.

Durcal’s sweet voice drips the yearning, twisting your heart right into a knot. Funerals and also memorial solutions often incorporate a playing of “Amor Eterno” for weeping families and friends, sometimes played by a live mariachi plucking their guitars in the center of the cemetery among all the other lost loves.

Growing up in Tijuana, baby showers (pronouncebeybee chow-werrss by mom and also tías) and also despedidas de soltera constantly included the father- or groom-to-be arriving with a mariachi to serenade his beloved v “Amor Eterno,” probably as a promise that his devotion will certainly be undying. If they rest up, and many in my household did, the track is there again to kick them in the gut, even in the center of a party – other I’ve absolutely witnessed.

Just together Gabriel composed this track to respect his so late mother, the tune has come to be the method I respect my dad. As soon as he passed far in 2009, we made decision not to have actually a mariachi at his memorial service, nor play Rocio’s singular version of the song, knowing we wouldn’t be able to handle hearing the in the existence of his photo and the marble urn the now consisted of every map of his physics being.

Since then, the song has been over there to at the same time upset and console us, through Rocio’s voice speaking all the points we wish we can say:Y aunque tengo tranquila mi conciencia / Yo sé que pude haber yo hecho más por ti.

Every Christmas and also Thanksgiving, when we put Rocio Durcal on throughout dinner,everyone inevitably falls to pieces, ours tears salting our mashed potatoes. This past year was the an initial time no one damaged down reasoning of our dad, which later on sent me down a guilt spiral thinking we’ve began to forget about him. So ns listened to “Amor Eterno” alone in my car and brought him back.

Listening come the song is nearly masochistic, and after this last Christmas, ns realized that I continue requesting the from any type of mariachi in ~ a 10-foot radius becauseof the pain it inflicts.

In listening to “Amor Eterno,” ns ensure the pains returns, and in doing so, my dad’s memory is still alive. If it keeps hurting, he’ll never ever be every the method gone.

CREDIT: Credit: Armen Manukian

When I start to think around hearing the song when my mommy passes, well i can’t. I can’t think around it because it’s just too much to handle.

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A couple of years back, i took one more step in commemorating this song’s prestige in my life, and also ensuring my dad’s lasting memory. Extending a big portion of my upper right arm is a skeleton hand holding a glass of red wine, all surrounding by pink roses. Rosas Mexicanas, vino, and also skeletons space all symbols of life and death in mine culture. And also beneath it, in swirly cursive, is the song’s title. Now it’s an even bigger part of me, and also the consistent reminder of all my amores eternos.

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