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“I'm in city for two weeks, continuing to be down the road. Mine Uber driver last night suggested Amber Ox, therefore I came in this evening for dinner. Ns sat at the bar, and also the bartenders to be nice and…” more


“We came below on our first night in Williamsburg. When we go in the door and heard lots of singing, i wasn't certain if my group was going to enjoy the atmosphere. (They aren't into…” more

“If you desire to eat here, make certain you do a reservation ahead the time. While we were waiting to be seated, many human being came here to shot and gain a table and…” more

“The restaurant is straightforward to miss out on from the key road. The parking many is big and unintuitive. There's a small fountain right external to offer the outdoor some…” more

“Delicious. Really cool environment. I obtained a fajita burrito through chicken. Good beers on tap. Absolutely must check it out if your in town.” more

“First Brittany was fantastic. The food selection is insane, however the execution is better. Brats and red curry. Quick rib and also Kim chi, sweden meatballs and also loganberry…” more

“The food itself to be absolutely incredible! but the staff was even better! us were offered by Emily K and also every pointer she made to be perfect! I'm a super…” more

“First the all, if the corn soup ($14) is available... Order IT! It to be the best soup i have ever tasted. Creamy, sweet, salty, and savory. Loved every bite.…” more

“We gained there as soon as they opened to discover that you require reservations. After ~ seeing exactly how busy lock are, the made complete sense. The hostess told united state to check back…” more

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“I have constantly felt that great service is not about making no mistakes, but about how mistakes space resolved. My dinner at Fat Tuna was specifically what i was looking…” more

“Excellent food, good portion sizes, super fast service, and the friendliest people!We're from out of town, and also stopped by for a rapid bite. Got some great…” more