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I'll be back after a couple of years

i need to unlock an outfit by finding and breaking the mythical unicorn. Now where is that unicorn? I"v been roaming around the map, no luck.

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Big Homie


Not going to lie it"s a bit of a pain to find all the mythical creatures. I just completed Undead Nightmare again the other day it was the most annoying and time consuming thing. But I can help.


Before the unicorn will appear you have to find and break all the four horses of the apocalypse and find and kill the chupacabra. The horses will appear every so often in various different locations, and when you"re near one a blue circle indicating it will show on the map:

- The first two can be in any order, Pestilence (most often in West Elizabeth, some places I"ve found it are outside Beecher"s Hope to the south, or in Tall Trees in the north east of the forest or along the path to Cochinay, or near Thieve"s Landing on the Hennigan"s Stead side along the road) and War (I most often find it after coming down the cliff from Hennigan"s Stead to Cholla Springs, to the right off the road towards Armadillo). 

- Next is Famine in Mexico, (again in various places but two examples where I"ve found it are in the big space north of Torquemada where there"s a picture of three horses if you look at the map zoomed out a bit, near Chuparosa or near Nosalida where again there"s a picture of a horse on the map)

- Finally Death, I think it can just be in any of the places I"ve already mentioned, I"ve found it near Torquemada and near Armadillo like War before. 


It helps to let some time pass between each one. I personally save the game a few times after each one to move time along. And also don"t just keep going to and from the same location, ride around from place to place or make more time pass by saving and try again. 


All this info and more here (click the names of each horse for specific info on them)


- The chupacabra. The chupacabra will only appear after you"ve completed the first four Undead Hunter challenges (it"s totally separate from the horses). After that it can show up in all kinds of places across Mexico and will be indicated with the blue circle just like the horses. I just ride all over Mexico to find it, two examples where I"ve found it are near Ojo Del Diablo (riding along the road from there towards Tesoro Azul) and between Las Hermanas and the train tunnel following the tracks there. Kill it and you"re done. More info.

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Now the unicorn is unlocked. It can ONLY be found in one specific place, where those three horses are on the map north of Torquemada. It WON"T appear on the map, you just have to go there and look for it (which isn"t too bad since it"s a big open space). I find early in the morning around 6am is a good time but it can any time. Same deal, just keep going there (easiest to set a waypoint on the middle horse picture on the map and ride up to it and look around, preferably going away and letting some time pass in between each try) until it appears and get it. More info.