Have you cursed to Elf top top The Shelf this year? room you running the end of creative ideas on whereby to placed elf? would certainly your youngsters lose that if they witnessed their Elf on caught camera moving roughly in your HOME!? clock the video clip below to see how!

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What is Elf top top the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition introduced by a mother-daughter duo. The principle is come welcome one of Santa’s helpers in the home beginning on December 1st. The miracle elf goes up to the north Pole each night come report back to Santa ~ above the kids’ behavior and if the naughty and nice list needs to it is in updated. Every night once Elf top top the Shelf come back, he/she is in a new spot.

There room two rules with Elf top top the Shelf. The kids cannot touche Elf top top the Shelf or the will shed its magic. If they perform touch it, they should write a letter to Santa, apples and include some cinnamon next to the elf before bed. The 2nd rule is the Elf is fully still while the children are awake - for this reason he/she will not speak or move until they are sleeping.

There is a love/hate partnership with parents and Elf top top the Shelf. Law this because that 24 days is a commitment! Parents have actually been getting creative with it end the years and putting Elf ~ above the Shelf in hilarious and also naughty situations. They are also finding an imaginative ways to injure elf so that they don’t need to move it because that a pair of days. Crafty parents, lol!

How to do Elf Move

Want to make the elf top top the shelf suffer even much more magical this year? This is a fun way for parents to get a an excellent laugh and also leave your youngsters speechless. Here is exactly how to catch Elf on the shelf relocating in your own home.

Start a new project by click the huge blue “+” sign

Place your phone what still favor leaning it against a mug (see just how in the video clip above). The crucial to stop activity is that you don’t move your phone when shooting and also the just thing that is relocating is Elf ~ above the Shelf.

Take a photo of Elf in one position

Move Elf on the Shelf slightly and then take an additional photo. The vital to this is that you only move elf top top the shelf a small bit every time, so as soon as you walk to play the video clip back, it actually looks choose a actual movement.

Move Elf ~ above the Shelf again and also take one more photo

Repeat actions 4 & 5 till Elf is in your preferred location.

Play the video and increase the speed to around 90% towards the right side that the slider.

5 concepts on how to record Elf ~ above the Shelf relocating

Not sure exactly how to recreate this videos in your very own home/ don’t have actually the brain capacity come come up with your very own ideas? we have created 18 separation, personal, instance tutorials/scenarios like the one below walking girlfriend through specifically how to do Elf top top the Shelf move.

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Examine it the end here.