My 02" PT has 68k mile on it.I"ve been thinking perhaps I must do a water pump/timing belt replacement simply to be safe.I referred to as my regional Chrysler dealer,they quoted me $700 to change them.Does this sound reasonable come you guys?

21 jan 2011, 02:15 pm

Re: Water pump/timing belt instead of cost?
jump on that after acquiring it in writing.

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lemme know where you"re situated so i can drive there and also have mine done.the cheapest i"ve viewed on this forums has actually been roughly $1000.

I checked my regional PEPBOYS and also here"s the pricing because that the partsPart NamePart #ManufacturerRequired $ Price95265 DAYCO timing BELT KIT 1 $29.99 INTERFERENCE ENG - WATER PUMP driven BY timing BELT84102 DAYCO timing BELT KIT 1 $123.99 time COMPONENT KIT - w/o BELT INTERFERENCE ENG - WATER PUMP thrust BY time BELTPlus job - i bet it would be under $700
sounds around right. My neighbor aided me REDO mine after chrysler stated they go it however they never ever replaced the tensioners. Paid them around 900 to do it originally. Make sure u have someone legit do it.
I only wish I might get the project done for that price. Yet why execute the occupational now? probably you"ve been analysis too many horror story on this and other PT forums. You only hear about the problems, the seems. Not the bulk that simply do together they"re draft to do with suitable maintenance. Most PT"s don"t blow a time belt or water pump if they"re changed at 90 or 100 thousand miles. Why perform it early? Tim
I have actually an "02 with 106K on it, and I just now changed the timing belt and water pump, serp. Belts, etc. He likewise did a 100K song up - total cost was roughly $1200; probably around $1000 simply for the time belt and also water pump. Job was half the cost.Also, together Tim mentioned before, why get it done now? friend should be able to get an additional 10 or 15K (or more!) out of that timing belt and water pump, uneven you recognize it"s negative now, or if girlfriend just have actually the money now and want to acquire it done.
Yeah,they said I had actually some time before Chrysler recomends gaining it done.I think it"s close come 100k.I was simply checking come make certain I didn"t press it too far.I guess: v I"ve read too many poor horrior stories.Thanks for her responses though,I don"t think they room to much outta heat on your pricing.

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