opening on Friday is “P.S. Ns Love You,” the new dramedy starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Here’s the synopsis:

Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) is beautiful, smart, and married come the love of she life—a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry (Gerard Butler). So once Gerry’s life is take away by an illness, that takes the life the end of Holly.But prior to he died, Gerry created Holly a collection of letter that will guide her, not only through she grief but in rediscovering herself. The first message come on Holly’s 30th date of birth in the form of a cake and, to she utter shock, a tape record from Gerry, who proceeds to order she to acquire out and also “celebrate herself.” In the weeks and also months that follow, much more letters indigenous Gerry are delivered in surprising ways, each sending out her top top a brand-new adventure and also each signing turn off in the very same way: P.S. Ns Love You.

with Gerry’s words as her guide, Holly embarks ~ above a touching, exciting and often hilarious trip of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and also how a love so strong can revolve the finality of death into new beginning for life.

therefore to assist promote the movie, i was may be to participate in roundtable interviews witha many the cast and also the one listed below is v Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the film, Jeffrey is someone that Hilary Swank’s personality meets in Ireland. If i tell girlfriend anymore…it’ll damage the fun.

throughout our roundtable interview Jeffrey spanned a selection of topics – from playing the Comedian in the upcoming “Watchmen” movie to trying to maintain a great Irish accent while filming in Ireland. When I already posted the “Watchmen” price quotes a couple of weeks back, ns figured you can want to review the rest of the interview.

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Question: What taken place to her accent? i know. It was a good accent.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Oh, say thanks to you really much. I evaluate it.

Q: How tough was that?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Well, because that me it to be hard due to the fact that I’d never done one before and also you additionally don’t desire to sound choose a Leprechaun so the was…I’m not going to say it to be easy however it to be not maybe as tough as maybe I anticipated. Ns was an extremely nervous around having to execute it.

Q: but you did it in Ireland, right?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: ns did.

Q: That had actually to be hard.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: i did and also yeah ns didn’t desire the cat-calls from the irish you know? Crew guys.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: ns was method more nervous around my accent. Yeah. The nude step we can have brought a stunt target in or something, girlfriend know.

Q: I assumed you caught an irish character. Ns don’t know what i’m saying yet the heart of an irish person. Once you to be doing the interval did you meet human being in Ireland and also talk to them and try to catch a personality?

Jeffrey: Yeah, i ran mine lines v every Irish person in all of Dublin and Wicklow county. I mean anybody from mine driver Paul come the sound males to extras, whoever would certainly listen to me. I was constantly—you know and also then the arguments always became around well what component of Ireland room you in? ns don’t know the part that sounds like I’m sounding ideal now! i’m not specifically sure whereby that is. Jerry and I were supposed to it is in on the very same page as soon as it concerned that, yet it end up we both had actually different language coaches in Ireland therefore God to know what he was doing. Who knew what ns was doing. You know, 2 pearl in the night. It to be awesome. It was a lot of fun act it.

Q: Talk about working v Hilary. What is that energy? does she prepare…just talk about working v her?

Jeffrey: The ideal thing that I have the right to say about anyone actory is someone that’s present. Boy name is totally present and completely giving i m sorry is an extremely rare. I’ve been about doing this because that a lengthy time. Nobody knew who I was till recently however none the much less I’ve done this for a long time. She an tremendous person past all the actory stuff, she’s incredibly funny. She’s very smart. She’s good just come hang the end with. She’s the girl you want to walk to the pub with and have a beer, you know? and also then you satisfy her together an actress and also here you space working—for me it was five God i’m working with a 2 time Oscar winner. Ns was intimidated. I’d come indigenous this sort of smaller world of television and also to be working opposite boy name I’m no going come say ns was petrified. I’m not going come lie. Then you accomplish her and she’s this an excellent girl following door girl who happens to have won 2 Oscars. And also then you work-related opposite her and also you’ll never ever see—and I’ll constantly remember how existing she was. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked with an actor the was quite…that listened therefore well. She simply listened. She was so there. For this reason present and I’ll never ever forget working through her just because I remember….she to be so current it would certainly make me forget what ns was doing since I was like “fuck she’s really listening to me here. She’s really buying mine accent.” She was just completely there and it’s a rare thing I’ve found and there’s a factor she’s as good as she is and it’s i think because of that and she’s a really good…you watch her how she observes people.

Jeffrey: that’s awesome. That super huge, man. It’s as with this type of mind boggling—every day ns go to occupational on the thing and it’s type of overwhelming and I don’t understand if I’ve ever before done anything it is quite choose that before. We’re shooting on the brand-new York set now. All I deserve to say is the the many amazing set I’ve ever before seen in mine life and also we to be doing this night exterior—the Keene Riots and also seeing the graphic novel concerned life prefer I observed that night… it provides me chills simply thinking about it. It’s among those things that ns still—I was just telling someone in another room that it’s so much right currently to it is in doing it, just arriving at job-related everyday and getting into character and also going right into costume and showing up on the collection and climate seeing what i’m seeing and also how it’s every coming together. I don’t know that I have the best words exactly how to define this experience and also tell I’m well done with it because every work it’s something else.

Q: can you talk about your character because I don’t recognize the franchise? girlfriend play—it’s dubbed the Comedian?

Jeffrey: Edward Blake is his actual name and then the Comedian is the sort of superhero character he is. The character ns play is 180 levels from something I’ve ever before done before. A much cry from absolutely William. A really far cry native Denny Duquette, i beg your pardon is why I want to perform it. That a totality other thing. He’s an animal. However I think among the factors I acquired hired—the things he does, his physics actions room horrendous. Definitely the most horrendous points I’ve ever seen much less portrayed. But I think my job is to—you don’t dislike him—so my job is to kind of be able to do these fucking dreadful things and yet have the audience no hate his guts. Because you don’t, you read the book and you don’t hate the Comedian. There’s a factor he does what that does and you recognize he simply takes it probably to a level the most people wouldn’t however for the it’s normal.

Jeffrey: Well, they’re straightforward to look at at for one. Possibly to learn a lot. My kind of success has come a small bit later in life. I’m no 20 any an ext and these world I’ve been working with have actually been successful and an excellent at what they perform for a lengthy time. And also they’re not—you know they’re an excellent people—they’re not the ones we check out on Star magazine or everything the hell lock doing. They’re not out clubbing every night. They’re normal folks who’ve to be really effective at what castle do and so for me it’s simply kind of to be a privilege to work with the civilization I’m functioning with since I’m discovering a lot. I’m discovering a lot how to be good at what I carry out and likewise how lucky i am and take it every in and be thankful for every this late in life success I’ve been having and it’s good to have world that have actually been around and successful because that awhile and also work with them and see exactly how they behave and it’s why they room who lock are and also why they’re still successful. Castle haven’t dropped the sphere on the way. And other than that it’s just nice. It’s sort of choose playing a game of tennis through someone that deserve to hit the ball ago at you.

Q: you the guy who in ~ one point was hopping earlier and forth between 2 cities, juggling 3 series. I typical a ago breaking period. Would you ever go with that again?

Jeffrey: ns don’t know. Ns mean, looking back at it now it to be such a cool time being able to do 2 characters on 2 vastly various things. You know being Denny Duquette and then go and also being man Winchester in the food of a day I’d be play both characters. As tired as ns was at that time, it’s because that one nothing contrasted what ns going through on “Watchmen”. It to be a vacation. The occupational I’m act on “Watchmen” is psychic bending and physically just hard. I thought that was hard. That was nothing compared to what i’m doing now. Would I do it again? Maybe. Yeah, because it was so fun sort of juggling 2 characters. As much fun the was additionally kind of the hardest component but the was the an obstacle of it.

Q: and the product was great in each case.

Jeffrey: Yeah, the material was an excellent in each case and also they were so vastly different. The difficulty was the line would certainly blur sometimes since I’d it is in a small bit tired, and I’d type of forget—John would gain a little soft and also have a small Denny thing, or Denny would you recognize want come shoot a doctor. So it was just lack of sleep talking. Yeah, it to be exhausting however it to be great. And what one opportunity and also look what’s occurred now.

Q: can you speak a little bit around the an initial time you put on the costume. Ns going ago to “Watchmen”.

Jeffrey: I understand you are. Every time, i know.

Q: might you talk about putting on your costume because that the first time and also seeing everyone else in costume?

Jeffrey: It to be awesome to see everybody in their costumes. You know—mine is…I obtained the coolest costume, I’ll say that. Favor to watch at, my costume’s insane but it likewise takes the longest to get in and also out of. Michael Wilkinson, the costumer that designed the…again an extremely true come the comic book, possibly updated a tiny bit however so true to what you view in…and Comedian is clues on come the book. Clues on. His costume is exactly like it is in the graphic novel. Yet seeing anyone in your super hero outfits is well, I mean for one it’s hard to stop laughing initially since everyone’s running roughly trying to be a supervisor hero for God’s sake. How can you not? It’s yes, really cool the experience, I median for me as shortly as I put on the outfit and stuck a cigar in mine mouth, i’m him. Friend don’t even want to talk to me anymore. I turn into the character.

Jeffrey: i’m not totally sure now. Girlfriend know, that’s a really great question. I’m not entirely sure. Ns couldn’t answer that being the I’m not in that—that’s not my area that expertise. Ns don’t know. I understand a most stuff is still shoot there. There’s probably benefits that shooting over there of which i’m not totally sure. I know for a while they wanted to shoot that in new York due to the fact that again they had actually to build this very elaborate set of brand-new York streets and it more than likely would have been less complicated to walk to new York because that that but you know, they likewise got lots of empty stages which I know they didn’t have in brand-new York if us were come shoot there.

Q: You require a most sound stages.

Jeffrey: Yeah, we’ve got a totality row the them.

Q: and also you, for one, favor working there.

Jeffrey: that’s right. Ns can’t get enough of Vancouver.

Q: i was going to ask what’s Zack been like. Has he to be able to maintain the enthusiasm every day?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Friend met him. He’s not only incredibly passionate in remaining true to the graphic novel but he’s additionally like a tiny kid. I don’t know where he it s okay his frigging energy however we’re putting in some lengthy hours and also a many nights and also God, every day he’s to run around and smiling through all of it and also not only that he’s simply an impressive director. He’s drawn out accurate every framework of this movie prior to he shoot it. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked with anyone more prepared. He’s got a copy that the graphic novel in his hand every the time. It never ever comes out of his hand. He is constantly introduce to it. He’ll collection up a shot looking in ~ the novel. It’s insane. That crazy. Ns mean, again it’s among those things that i’m going to have actually to process when the whole thing is over and also I’ll sit down with you and also I’ll give you one in depth interview since it’s simply so sort of mind boggling right now that i think I should step away from it for a small bit and be maybe to type of put right into words due to the fact that I’m still sort of blown away by it.

Q: ago to P.S. Do you beat guitar?

Jeffrey: i didn’t. I didn’t. Ns didn’t sing, ns didn’t acquire naked, ns didn’t do dialects. Ns didn’t do any of the points I walk in this movie prior to I walk it.

Q: You were lip-syncing the song?

Jeffrey: Oh ns sang the shit out of it. I played guitar and also I sang. Now mind you, ns think they provided someone else’s voice in the last cut, but after a couple Guinness’ I thought I was sounding pretty great on that. Ns was favor you understand this is alright.

Q: any type of dreams of gift a absent star?

Jeffrey: the course. Yeah, room you kidding me? in reality that’s not true. Lock went away the minute I acquired on stage. Any kind of dreams I had actually of being a absent star went away once I saw the people and also their expectation of me to have the ability to play guitar and also sing. They all dissipated and that was the end of it. The one point by you yourself in front of the mirror, which ns really good at but not so an excellent at in former of folks.

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Q: What to be it choose being in Ireland? had actually you ever before been there before?

Jeffrey: No.

Q: What did you carry out in between the shooting?

Jeffrey: We spent a many time just walking around the city of Dublin. I’m no going come lie, we had actually a pair of beers, obtained a pair Guinness checked out a couple pubs, yet we walked about a lot. Then us went neck shopping. Lisa and also Gina and Gerry and also I invested a the majority of time simply hiking approximately all end the city. We had a blast. It was the most fun I ever before had act a film as much as just fun and also being goofy that was it. We had a an excellent time. An excellent cast. I can’t speak enough about Ireland. Ns can’t. I’d relocate there. I loved it. I loved it. The human being were just so sweet and also generous and also you know I love it. Architecture, God the was simply insane. That was just beautiful. That just fully unlike America. That actually has actually a background to it. Girlfriend walk under the streets and also you know God shit taken place here. Girlfriend walk under the roads here and also you’re like…nothing.

Q: I wanted to recognize if you will do had any type of scenes yet v Jackie play “Rorschach” and what the experience has been like?

Jeffrey: No, i haven’t. Over there you go.

Q: as soon as do girlfriend wrap top top the film?

Jeffrey: Well, the schedule is changing right currently all the time since of weather so i think mid-February.

Q: and also are you ready for going to Comic-Con next year?

Jeffrey: Someone rather asked me that. I don’t think so. Come be honest with you i don’t think any type of of us room going to it is in prepared. I think we’re simply going to execute it.

Q: i think Zack’s premiering clip at Comic-Con in former of 7,000 people.

Jeffrey: That’ll it is in it. That’ll be the first time everybody’s sees it.

Q: for this reason you’re absolutely going though?

Jeffrey: five yeah, I’ll be there. I simply don’t recognize if I’m all set for it. Five I’ll be there.