The Professor"s addictive mix of head scratchers and also dark secret will leave you begging for class to be in session. Just make sure you carry your reasoning cap along for this trip.

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first send over a wolf & chickthen send 1 chick backthen collect 2 wolves take it to other sidethen add 1 wolf take backthen add 2 chicks (removing wolf) to other sidethen add chick and also wolf send earlier then add 2 chicks to boat send acrossthen add i wolf send acrossthen add 2 wolves to watercraft send acrossthen include 1 wolf to watercraft send acrossthen add both wolf to watercraft send throughout and you room done.

It"s 3... How many are left close to the window?...there room 6 candles close to the window...3 of castle go out ... 6-3=3. Therefore the price is 3ignore the other 4, which room not close to the window!

Puzzle No. 001Where"s the Town?: You are asked to locate the city on a roadway that is not linked to any type of other towns. Circle the small town in the top Left to obtain 10 Coins. Puzzle No. 002The Crank and Slot: You need to complement the finish of the crank through the proper slot. Select the slot Number 1 on the much left. Puzzle No. 003At the Entrance, madness the little old lady, Ingrid. Weird Hats: pick Hat A in the top left. Puzzle No. 004In the Plaza, Tap top top the guy in blue, Percy. Where"s mine House?: circle the home with the Blue Roof. It"s dealing with North. Puzzle No. 005Tap the clock ~ above the tower in the Plaza for this puzzle. Digital Digits: A row of 3 or much more of the exact same digit will show up 34 time in one 24 hour span. Puzzle No. 006On Manor Road, insanity the man blocking girlfriend way, Bruno. Light Weight: friend only acquire 2 tries through the scale to number out which weight is the lightest. The prize actually transforms each time you perform this puzzle. To find the lightest weight:1. Placed three weights on each side that the scale. 2. If the weights are even, take every weights off and also weigh the remaining two weights - whichever is lighter is your answer.3. If the weights room not even, take the weights top top the hefty side off 4. Place one load (from the lighter side) on each side the the scale and also take the remaining off completely and weigh again5. If the weights room even, the load you took turn off is the lightest, rather the weight that is lighter top top the range is the price Puzzle No. 007In Manor Border, talk to Ramon. Wolves and also Chicks: an initial bring a wolf and also chick come the ideal side. Climate return the chick come the left side. Relocate the other two wolf to the right. Take a single wolf ago to the left therefore there"s top top wolf and also three chicken on the left. Lug two chicks to the right and also then a wolf and also a chick back to the left. Now lug the two chicks come the right. Currently simply lug the wolf ago to the left and also return come the right with 2 wolves, which leaves the last wolf on the left. Take another wolf earlier to the left and also return come the appropriate with both wolves. Puzzle No. 008In Manor Border,Tap the flower just above the boat. Farm yard Work: They shot to cheat you v a lot of of information here. Roland does half the landmass of work so he"ll gain $50. Puzzle No. 009Puzzle No. 009In the Manor Foyer speak to Matthew. One bad Pooch: friend only have two moves to make this enhance stick dog look favor a auto has operation over it. Take 2 of the bottom legs and also move them over the dog�s body. This should adjust the perspective of the dog and it"ll appear to it is in looking at it from over now, together if has been flattened. Puzzle No. 010Tap the bookcase in the lift of the Manor Foyer. "Four Digits" the answer is ABCD = 2368 Puzzle No. 011Tap ~ above Simon in the Manor Parlor come be challenged with a puzzle. Arc and Line: This is a little scary at first glance however simply include the two increments you have actually to acquire the radius, which is equal to the diagonal heat of the rectangle. In short, the answer is 10 Inches. Puzzle No. 012Puzzle No. 012In the Manor Parlor/Night, speak v Gordon. Do a Rectangle: What you need to do is think the the rectangle as being vertical here. Indigenous the peak left, cut the top two left many squares then cut down so girlfriend a lengthy horizontal line v a single square sticking the end of the middle. If you take that and also flip the on that is side, it"ll fit perfectly right into the various other squares to form a horizontal rectangle. Puzzle No. 013In the Manor Border, madness the watercraft to deal with a puzzle. Sinking Ship: just how many world can survive the sinking ship? through one guy constantly manning the boat 13 people can it is in saved before the ship does under. Puzzle No. 014Puzzle No. 014Tap the chair within the basic Store for a puzzle i beg your pardon Chair?: Chair E is the correct answer. Girlfriend will obtain a paint Scrap after completing this puzzle. Puzzle No. 015Tap the candle within the basic Store for another puzzle. How many Are Left?: Think backwards for this one. The price is 3 Candles. Puzzle No. 016Puzzle No. 016Inside the city Hall, to talk to Rodney. Triangles and Ink: friend will need to dip the squid 7 time to do 36 triangles. Puzzle No. 017At the Entrance speak to Stachen for one more puzzle Five-Card Shuffle: The cards that D collection are contempt off. You"ll notification that the black cards are layered in different way than the others. Resolving this will acquire you a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 018Puzzle No. 018Return come the Inn and talk come Beatrice for one more puzzle. That Dust and also Dustpan: The crucial here is to save the matchstick to the top left whereby it is. Move the height right one and the middle horizontal one to create a vertical dustpan. Puzzle No. 019Go out to the Drawbridge and Tap the car across the flow for this puzzle. Parking many Gridlock: This is a hard one come expalin yet not that difficult to figure out. Relocate the cars back and forth and also you should gain it after ~ a couple of tries. You acquire a Gizmo for solving this puzzle. Puzzle No. 020Puzzle No. 020Talk come Pauly who"s on the left shiver his fist because that a puzzle challenge. It is not kind Neighbors: Ok, A have to go down around the best of the left D then go left and also down the the left C and also simply cut throughout the an extremely bottom to reach the various other A. Simply draw a straight vertical line between the Bs. Do the left-most C walk right and turn up prior to the right-most A. Instantly go best again in between A and also D. Then walk up the best side that the display screen to affix to the various other C. From the left D, go out to the left and also up about the top of A and also B. Reduced down in in between B and C and also connect with D there. Complete the puzzle and Pauly will award you with a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 021Talk come Pauly on Park Road. Pill Prescription: The man only needs to compose on 8 Pills. Pauly will provide you a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 022Puzzle No. 022Talk come the old lady in light blue, Agnes top top the Park Road. Pigpen Partitions: The sad truth is you"re going to be placing the pig in the center in a very little pen. The peg come the left of the optimal left-most pig, draw a rope from here basically straight across the peg simply to the right of the optimal right many pig. Now, begin at the peg just over the peak left many pig, draw a rope dongle down to the peg just to the appropriate of the bottom-most pig. Then, start at the peg simply to the left the the bottom most pig and draw a rope diagonally up to the peg just above the right many pig. This ropes shouldn"t it is in touching any type of of the pigs and should yet the middle one perfectly into a little triangle. Puzzle No. 023Talk come Crouton behind the counter of the Restaurant because that this puzzle. Juice Pitchers: an initial pour the 8 right into the 5. Then the 5 right into the 3. Now take that 3 and put it into the 8 which will make only 6 inside. Pour 2 from the 5 into the 3. Then to water 6 right into the 5. Pour the 5 right into the 3, which currently has 2 in it. This will certainly leave the 5 with only 4. Great! now pour the three in through the 1 end in the 8 for gain 4 there as well. 7 moves! The quickest possible! Grouton will provide you a Gizmo because that completing the puzzle. Puzzle No. 024Speak with Crouton again within the Restaurant Milk Pitchers: autumn the 10 into the 7. Now take the 7 and also drop it right into the 3. Take it the 3 and put it right into the 10. Placed the 4 staying from the middle, in the 3 to the right. Intake the 3 into the 6 to get 9. Dump the 1 into the 3 then placed the 9 into the 7. Pour the 7 right into the 3 for this reason the 7 will have actually 5. Pour your 3 right into the continue to be 2 in the 10 to get two equal 5 quarts. This will offer you a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 025Puzzle No. 025Talk come Flick in the Restaurant because that a puzzle. It is provided Triangle: you only should touch the three corner coins to fix this puzzle. Relocate one coin come the bottom middle. This will certainly be her point. Now move the other 2 coins ~ above both sides of the second to peak row to fill out the "base" and also turn this triangle upside-down. Flick will give you a Gizmo for completing his puzzle. Puzzle No. 026Walk come the Park Gate and also Tap on the seasoned in the bottom left. Bottle full of Germs: Don"t end think this one and also bust out the calculator. Beginning with 2 germs only saves friend one minute. Therefore, beginning with 2 germs will take 59 minute to to fill the jar. As soon as completing the puzzle friend will uncover a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 027Talk to Gordon in the Manor Parlor after you discover out about the murder. Bickering Brothers: Clockwise from brothers 1 at the top: brother 3, then brother 6 then brothers 4 at the an extremely bottom, then brothers 2 and finally brother 5. You will be awarded with a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 028In the Manor Parlor, speak to Matthew. Uncover the Dot: one the dot in the lower Right. Matthew will award you with a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 029Step into the Parlor and also talk v Inspector Chelmey. Five Suspects: you must figure out who"s to be released whereby one is informing the truth. If anyone is accusing a different variety of people, then just 1 Suspect can be released. Chelmey will offer you a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 030Speak v Agnes in ~ the Manor Border. One-Line Puzzle 1: The residence cannot be drawn with just one heat stroke. You will be awarded with a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 031Speak through Marco on the Manor Road. Racetrack Riddle: Don"t over think it! In 1 Minute every the steeds will be ago at the complete line. Solving this will gain you one more Gizmo. Puzzle No. 032Enter the Restaurant, madness the jars that on the counter to find a puzzle. Candy Jars: You have actually 100% mean of filling every bag through 25 piece of candy. You will be rewarded with a Gizmo Puzzle No. 033In the Restaurant and also Touch the candle for another puzzle. Irradiate Which One?: Don"t think too hard around this one. You have to light the complement first! You will be forgive a jaw Bed. Puzzle No. 034Speak through Percy at the Plaza". How countless Sheets?: There are 5 Sheets overlapping at its thickest point. Percy will give you a Gizmo for fixing his puzzle. Puzzle No. 035Talk come Deke in the Plaza who"s prevent the door to the tower. Strange Dots: Think the the dots ~ above the dice as the hands of an analog clock. You"ll see that the dots her after is signifying 3 O�Clock. You"ll gain a Gizmo and access to the clock door which leads to the north next of town. Puzzle No. 036Touch the cat playing with the mouse in the Clock Tower. Too many Mice: one more trick question that is trying to bog friend down with a ton of information. The price is 1 since you only picked increase one mouse, a mouse can"t obtain pregnant by itself. You"ll gain a paint Scrap for resolving this puzzle. Puzzle No. 037Talk come the girl in the Clock Tower, Lucy. Brother and also Sister: just how old space each the the siblings you ask? Their tiny equation just works if they space both 6 year Old. Two siblings have the right to in fact be born in the exact same year. You will certainly learn about Jarvis indigenous Lucy and also she"ll offer you a Gizmo because that completing the her puzzle. Puzzle No. 038Talk to Zappone at the Fork in the Road. Island Hopping: You need to include a bridge from the purple roofed island in the middle to the lock looking island just to the lower left the it. Zappone will give you a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 039Talk to Agnes at the Fork in the Road. One-Line Puzzle 2: The optimal Hat cannot be perfect in one stroke. Puzzle No. 040Talk to Archibald in the Market. How Old Is Dad?: half the father"s period is equal to the son"s age. Which would make the father 44 years old. Archibald will give you a Gizmo because that completing his puzzle Puzzle No. 041Talk come Gerard ~ above the northern Path. Preventive Change: by pulling either end of the rope taut, you will finish up v 9 Coins. Addressing the puzzle will acquire you a Gizmo. Puzzle No. 042Speak v Gerard on the northern Path. The Camera and Case: an additional one that can trick you increase easily. The answer despite is $95 in change. That"s what you have to be getting back. Puzzle No. 043Speak come Lucy in the Clock Tower. Three Umbrellas: If two human being manage come walk off with their suitable umbrellas climate the third person has to have the suitable umbrella too. Therefore, there"s Zero opportunity of just two gaining the correct umbrellas. Friend will gain a Blue Bed for solving this. Puzzle No. 044Puzzle No. 044Talk come Rodney in the town Hall. Rubber stamp Stumper: This is one more tough one come describe. Do a square with the 4 stamps in the peak left corner. The continuing to be three top top the left side do a vertical row. Beside them, group the 20, 70 and also 10 to make a little right edge shape. Use the 30, 10, 40 and also 20 top top the bottom right to do a backwards "L" shape. Team the 10, 60, 20 and also 10 along the peak right to do a tiny step. Below them, team the 30, 30, 30 and also 10 with each other in kind of one upside-down "T" shape. Then simply make sure the 90 and 10 to the right of the is group together and also you should have actually it! Puzzle No. 045On the Park Road/night and also speak to Adrea come be challenged to a puzzle. Confused Aliens: The aliens are looking in ~ a Compass. You gain a paint Scrap indigenous this puzzle. Puzzle No. 046Puzzle No. 046Return come the Park Gate/Night and also speak through Deke again. The greatest Star: The trick here is the tree in the bottom-center is among the "points." do a star v the Tree and 4 biggest stars to finish the puzzle. Deke will obtain you a Stuffed Bear and inform you that Beatrice at the Inn has actually Bernard"s wristwatch. Puzzle No. 047After return the wristwatch come Gernard in the Plaza/Night, that will difficulty you come a puzzle. ~ above the Run: The bandit will never use the B Exit. Addressing this puzzle will get you accessibility to the Clock Tower/Night and also everything phibìc of it and get friend a Cream Rug. Puzzle No. 048Tap the cat in the Clock Tower/Night. Cats and also Mice: Again, carry out not over think these. 5 cats will catch 100 mouse in 100 minutes. This will get you a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 049Talk to the Lucy in the Clock Tower/Night. 1,000 Times: "Blank" is 1,000 time "Blank" "Blank" You searching for a solitary letter to fill in all three blank spaces. M will execute the trick, as in 1 Meter is 1,000 time a Millimeter! Lucy will then give you a bookshelf. Puzzle No. 050Talk come Marco in ~ the Fork in the Road/Night. PUZZLE MAZE?: THE NUMBER goal IS = B Puzzle No. 051Talk come Zappone in Crumm"s Cafe/Night. The town Barbers: choose Barber A through the crazy hair since the other guy must be cut his hair. You will certainly earn a paint Scrap for addressing this Puzzle. Puzzle No. 052Puzzle No. 052Speak v Pauly on the north Hill/Night. Uncover a Star: The star is concealed near the Upper-Left. If you are having actually a difficult time detect it, try turning the DS on the side and looking in ~ it again. This will earn girlfriend a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 053Talk to Agnes in the Market/Night. Fish Tief: brothers C is the liar of the bunch. You will certainly be vested a Television. Puzzle No. 054 DS ~ above its sidePuzzle No. 054Speak with Giuseppe in the Market/Night. Monster!: Stab the Moon. Why execute you ask? Flip your DS come the right and also have a look at it. You"ll get another Painting Scrap from this puzzle. Puzzle No. 055Speak through Beatrice in the Inn ~ above the 2nd day of investigation. The weird Sandwich: here you would only have to make 1 reduced in order to fit the sanwich perfectly right into the box. Beatrice will certainly reward you with a basic Chair. Puzzle No. 056Speak through Stachen at the Entrance. The Lazy Guard: below you acquire throw off by the instance they offer you. It do you think he have the right to only make right angle turns and not revisit rooms, which is not the case. Cossing rooms at an angle, the guard can hit every 9 rooms and only need to make 2 Turns. Stachen will give you a table. Puzzle No. 057Talk to Deke in the Plaza. Cut Which One?: Ring D requirements to it is in cut. Deke will give you a heap of books for completing his puzzle. Puzzle No. 058In the Plaza, touch the door next to the town Hall for a puzzle. Obtain the round Out! 1: move the blue block ~ above the best Up. Then move the two purple people Up into the previous slot of the blue one. On slide the lower yellow block come the ideal then move the blue block ~ above the far left to the Right and also to the Bottom. On slide the green and other yellow one all the method Down. Now relocate the Red sphere Down come the far Left and also then under again. On slide the right-most blue block every the means to the Left then move the purple and right many yellow block Up. Slide the bottom blue block come the Right and then move a solitary purple block to the Top most section where the red round started. Autumn the left yellow block Down and then relocate the Bed ball over come the right. Now move the height blue block come the Right and the green block every the method Up and also the bottom yellow block to the Left i m sorry will open up the passage because that the Red round to enter the hole. It"s much more than 12 moves yet it"s a way at least. This will get you access to Granny R."s. Puzzle No. 059Puzzle No. 059Speak with Marco ~ above the Manor Road. The Longest Path: go all the means to the left, then under to the second turn. From here make one "S" form through the center of town and also then wrap approximately to ideal side all the means to the bottom and back over to B. The snapshot here will certainly help. Marco will certainly award you v a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 060Tap Claudia the cat at external the Manor. Weighing Cats: The scale will go to the Left. You"ll acquire a painting Scrap because that completing this puzzle. Puzzle No. 061 Puzzle No. 061Speak come Gordon in the Manor Parlor. Pin board Shapes: Here, you need to make a fat stubby cross diagonally across the board. Gordon will offer you a wall surface Clock. Puzzle No. 062"Talk come Police Officer in Parlour" "A tricky Inheritance" the prize goes: 10 x 10 division 2 = 50 20 x 10 division 2 = 100 prize 150 Puzzle No. 063Talk to Dahlia in the Manor Parlor. Just how Old Is Mom?: The mother is actually 43 year Old. Dahlia will give you a Splendid Painting. Puzzle No. 064Talk to Rodney inside the town Hall. Odd Equations: The puzzle is utilizing time together a structure for the calculations. The prize is 1. Puzzle No. 065Tap the cat and mouse in the Clock Tower. What"s E?: The numbers offered to every letter coincides with the number of section that the letter"s section is touching. Therefore, E is emotional 5 Sections. Puzzle No. 066Talk to Lucy in the Clock Tower. Date of birth Girl: The girl"s date of birth is on Jan second or 1/2 in the game. Lucy will tell girlfriend a secret after resolving her puzzle. Puzzle No. 067Talk to Lucy again under the Clock Tower. How numerous Sweets" they have 9 every Puzzle No. 068Talk come Gerard on the northern Path again and also he"ll difficulty you come a puzzle. Find the Pentagons: Here, there is a full of 12 Pentagons hidden among the shapes. There are three various shapes yet each shape can be do 4 times because that the full of 12 Pentagons. Puzzle No. 069Talk to Prosciutto within his place. Cacao Puzzle: It will take girlfriend 29 breaks to rotate that one huge slab of chocolate into 30 bite sized pieces. Prosciutto will give you some info and a civilization Map because that completing his puzzle. Puzzle No. 070Talk to Giuseppe in the Town industry after he tries to provide you a vase. The wrong Vase: This might be the easiest puzzle in the game. Placed the neck that the vase together first. Climate the base, then the two side and also then fill in the middle. There"s one item that doesn"t fit anywhere, it need to be quite obvious. Puzzle No. 071Speak v Giuseppe in ~ the city Market. Sausage Thief: young C ate the sausages. Boy D was the just one informing the truth yet remember, you"re in search of who ate them, which would certainly be young C. Giuseppe will offer you a Flower Vase. Puzzle No. 072Speak come Percy in the village square fact & Lies" B is informing the fact Puzzle No. 073 Puzzle No. 073Speak come Rodney in the town Hall. How numerous Squares?: There room 3 different species of squares here and also a different variety of each square. In total, you will uncover 11 Squares to be made utilizing these dots. Rodney will give you a Gramophone. Puzzle No. 074Speak come Agnes in ~ the Market. A broken Window: friend can figure out that boy B and Kid C were lying i beg your pardon would median that boy A actually broke the window. Puzzle No. 075Talk to Agnes again at the Market. The cable Cube: you can create the cube by just using 4 Wires. Agnes will provide you a Globe. Puzzle No. 076Talk to Pauly top top Park Road. Flower garden: prize is Allotment D. Puzzle No. 077Speak through Adrea at the Park road for this puzzle. I beg your pardon Job?: You desire to work for agency B here. Adrea will offer you a Houseplant. Puzzle No. 078Speak come Crouton in the Restaurant. Water Pitchers: all right, to water the 16 right into the 9. Now the 9 right into the 7 then pour the 7 ~ above the various other 7. Put the 2 right into the 7 and also then the 14 into the 9. To water the 9 into the 2. Put the 7 into the 5 climate the 4 right into the 7. To water the 12 right into the 9 then that 9 right into the 4. Put the 7 right into the 3. Pour the 6 right into the 7. Put the 10 right into the 9 and then the 9 into the 7. Pour the 7 into the 1 to gain two same 8 quarts. Crouton will offer you a Flower Bouquet. Puzzle No. 079Speak come Crouton for in the Restaurant for one more puzzle. Apples to Oranges: relocate one apple crate out right into the center and also place either in the greater or lower slot here. Now, relocate an orange box the end to the center and also slide in the extra empty slot there. The trick here is to simply keep switching the end the crate in the center. Because that instance, right currently you have actually a box of apples and also oranges in the facility slots. Move another box of apologize out past the two center ones. Now move the focused orange box over the ideal warehouse and that simply moved to apologize box into the facility slot. Save rotating the end boxes like, changing sides every time. At some point you"ll have moved all the fruit into the appropriate warehouses. Crouton will give you a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 080 Puzzle No. 080Enter the Restaurant and also speak come Flick. Too plenty of Queens 1: ar one Queen just under the upper lefthand square. Collection another simply to the right of the bottom most lefthand square. Now place one the the left the the top most right square and also finally the last Queen walk just over the bottom right many square. Flick will reward you with a Stuffed Chair. Puzzle No. 081Talk come Flick in the Restaurant again for another puzzle. Too plenty of Queens 2: ar a queen in the center row all the way on the left column. In the second to left column, ar a queen in the optimal row. In the middle column, ar a queen in the square just over the bottom. In the second from the appropriate column, ar a queen in the second row native the top. And also finally, location the critical queen in the very bottom right-hand corner. Flick will provide you a paint Scrap for completing his puzzle. Puzzle No. 082Talk to Flick in the Restaurant again for an additional puzzle. Too countless Queens 3: place a queen in the second column from the left and the second row indigenous the bottom. Now, place a queen in the center column but the second from the optimal row. Ar the final queen the lower right hand square of the board. Flick will offer you a cap Rack. Puzzle No. 083Talk come Flick one last time in the Restaurant because that his "Beast" that a puzzle. Too numerous Queens 4: We"ll move from the left most column every the method to the right. In the left many column, ar the queen in the 3rd row indigenous the top. In the second column, put the queen in the height row. 3rd column, the queen walk in the square just over the bottom one. The fourth column currently has a queen. Fifth column, place the queen in the very bottom row. Sixth and seventh columns already have queens. The last shaft or right many column, place the queen in the third square increase from the bottom. Flick will reward you v a painting Scrap. Puzzle No. 084Find Stachen in the Sewer exit to be challenged with this puzzle. I m sorry Boxes to Move?: just 3 Boxes can not be written on. Puzzle No. 085Step out to the outside the drain area native the drain Exit�� and also Tap your car for this puzzle. Weekend Getaway: What"s the difference between the 2 trips, 30 miles. Now, you made 2 trips, there and also back, so 30 add to 30 equals, 60 Miles. Friend will gain a Fossil for completing this puzzle. Puzzle No. 086Speak to Sylvain in the drain Dead end to assist him through this puzzle. Squares and also Circles: The blue square is 4 time the dimension of the red square. Sylvain will give you a paint Scrap and lead you to the Park Gate, which that opens. Puzzle No. 087Step back to the damaged Ferris Wheel and also Tap the middle of the wreckage because that this puzzle. Ferris Wheel Ride: A preferably of 42 human being will be able to ride the Ferris wheel in 30 minutes. You will be rewarded with a painting Scrap. Puzzle No. 088Talk come Sylvain in the template park. Leaky tank" the water level will increase on the sixth day Puzzle No. 089Tap the gray square follow me the back wall surface in the Under the Shack area to uncover this puzzle. Which Way?: The arrowhead is hidden about fifty percent way under along the ideal Side but points come the left. You will certainly be forgive a Artisan"s Teapot and the understanding to continue to the left native here. Puzzle No. 090Tap the square ~ above the earlier door in the underground Path. Obtain the ball Out 2: start by slide the blue block at the bottom come the right. Now location that violet block right into the slot through the hole. Move the blue block ago over and directly under the large yellow block. Move the purple block under the environment-friendly one in the reduced right nook. Now bring the green block every the method down. On slide the purple block on the an extremely top every the way over the upper ideal nook and then move the blue block in ~ the top to the upper left nook. Relocate the huge yellow block to the upper right side. Now move the red block all the means down. On slide the violet to the left of the sphere to the appropriate so that it is above the ball. Move that left side eco-friendly block up and also slide the bottom blue block under it. Move the purple block covering the hole up and also slide the red ball into the hole. This will open up the door and give you paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 091Tap the old paint along the right wall in the secret Area to uncover this puzzle. Sample Matching: pattern B is the suitable pattern the fits into the puzzle. Friend will obtain a Tea Cup for completing this puzzle. Puzzle No. 092Find and speak to Sylvain in the drain Dead End. Wash Up: A bit complicated to describe here, from the facet end work backwards. Friend only need to turn 2 valves. The one come the left of the facet and one near the top left. Knowing this, friend should be able to find it easily. Puzzle No. 093Speak to Ramon at the Manor Border. End the River: very first bring the lamb over to the right. Climate return and bring the wolf over. Currently return come the left v the lamb again to leave the wolf by himself on the right. Drop the sheep off ~ above the left and pick increase the cabbage. Lug the cabbage come the right and then go back to pick increase the sheep and also bring him to the right. Ramon will offer you a paint Scrap. Puzzle No. 094Tap the red sign on the cage come the left the the display on Tower Floor 1. Obtain the sphere Out! 4: move the lower left violet blocks down and also over therefore you have the right to slide the blue block over to the left. Slide the right green block under to covering the hole. Now move the huge yellow block come the right and the peak purple blocks up and to the right. Move the optimal blue block come the right and raise the left environment-friendly block increase to accomplish the red ball. Shimmy the lower left violet blocks up and also next come the big yellow block. Fall the left most green block all the means to the bottom left. Fall the red ball all the means down and also move one of the purple blocks up to the ball"s beginning point. Relocate the purple block increase one and also the red ball ideal under it alongside the yellow block. On slide the eco-friendly block on the left all the method up. Relocate the red round to the left and down right into the lower left-hand nook. Slide the blue block come the left and also up. Relocate the red sphere up and also to the right alongside the green block on the side. Lower the blue block. Fall the single middle purple block down and to the left. Move the yellow block come the left. Now bring the green block top top the ideal up to clean the route for the red ball and hole. Puzzle No. 095Puzzle No. 095On Tower Floor 2, insanity the ? marked gate to the lower left. A Magic Square: every the rows, columns and also diagonal lines of numbers need to equal the sum of 15. Put the 5 in the middle to acquire started. Puzzle No. 096Speak to Pavel ~ above the Tower Floor 3. Take the Stairs: that is Jim - D Puzzle No. 097Tap the cage in the background of Tower Floor 4. Princess in a crate 1: an additional crazy slide puzzle. It took me end 100 moves to deal with this one. It was pretty sloppy. It"s not that tough though. Just focus on shuffling around the solitary green blocks. You will eventually get it. Puzzle No. 098Talk to Marta ~ above Tower Floor 5. Card Order: native left come right, the goes need to be presented as follows; Diamond, Joker, Heart, Club and then the Spade. Puzzle No. 099Tap the locked door of Tower Floor 6. 33333!: Input; 41286 - 7953 = 3333 Puzzle No. 100Puzzle No. 100Tap the environment-friendly sign on the cage in Tower Floor 7 seven Squares: A an excellent starting suggest here is to know that the just "level" square is the one do of the 4 pins in the upper left corner. The rest of the squares will be tilted at a 45-degree angle. There space three small squares come be uncovered then three squares of various sizes. Surprise Puzzle No. 101In the Market, Tap ~ above the rock corner shaft just over the red tarp. Dividing It Up: only 6 cubes will have actually red painted ~ above one side of them. Puzzle No. 102Speak come Martha on the Tower Road. Aces and also the Joker: The other 48 cards do not issue in this puzzle. Girlfriend only have to worry about the 4 aces and the joker. So, v only five cards you"d have a 20% opportunity of flipping them in the ideal order. Puzzle No. 103Puzzle No. 103Talk come Gordon in the Manor Parlor. Hardwood Cutouts: You space basically looking come make four staples the end of the wood. Do a staple shape down both vertical piece of wood, and then attract a directly line across the middle. These will give you 4 identical pieces. Gordon will certainly now offer you a mysterious Bottle. Puzzle No. 104Puzzle No. 104Talk come Prosciutto in his own house off the northern Path. A Sweet Treat: usage L-Shaped cut outs to different the chocolate into 4 even pieces. You will certainly be awarded v a Baron Statue. Puzzle No. 105Speak with Martha in the Tower Road. "Rolling a Three: Again, they shot to bog girlfriend down v a bunch of information you in reality don"t need. The prize is one in 6 Times. Concealed Puzzle No. 106You"ll discover this in Crumm"s café by Tapping the bottle in the bottom right. How countless Glasses?: You will only have to pick increase 1 Cup to empty it right into the other one. Surprise Puzzle No. 107Touch the dark alcove come the left in the Clock Tower. A Worm"s Dream: these puzzles suck. I"m sure with practice, they end up being as straightforward as a Rubik"s cube v a formula and all, however for currently let"s cheat. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 every number shows the ar of every tile l: left r: ideal d: under u: up 35 moves complete 5d 4r 1d 2l 5u 8u 9l 6d 5r 4r 7u 8l 5d 4r 7u 8l 5d 2d 1r 4u 5l 6l 9u 8r 7r 4d 5l 6l 9u 8r 5d 4r 7u 8l 5d concealed Puzzle No. 108In Archibald"s, Tap on the bookcase in the far back left. Not Knots?: Rope C is the only rope the will kind a knot. Puzzle No. 109Enter Archibald"s and speak come him come be tested to an additional puzzle. Laziest guy on Earth: The laziest guy would only have actually to acquire up to with under his very own Chair. Archibald will certainly reward you v a Teak Table. Concealed Puzzle No. 110In the Manor Parlor, insanity the chandelier above the fat man, Gordon to uncover a hidden puzzle! The noodles Cube: You need to turn these 4 matchstick boxes right into three matchstick crate by only relocating a solitary match. Move the earlier middle rod vertically therefore it gives the peak box a side and makes the middle box disappear. Covert Puzzle No. 111On the Park Road, touch the tiny sign come the left of the Restaurant door. Secret Items: v the left square, eliminate the appropriate matchstick and drop that down below to do a big F Letter v the sticks and spell the word FOOD. Covert Puzzle No. 112Inside the Inn, tap the snapshot frame above Beatrice to uncover a covert puzzle. My Beloved: You need to make a woman"s silhouette using the summary of the old man. Confront the black part of the pieces inwards to start to view what you�re spring for. Move the man"s nosepiece come the upper right and face the black in the direction of the middle. Placed the man"s mouth section in the top left and face the black section to middle. Now, relocate the section with the man"s red cap to the reduced left and also position the black color in the middle. The section with the earlier of the man"s neck have to be in the lower right and flip the black approximately to align in the middle. View the woman? surprise Puzzle No. 113At the Entrance, madness the Inn authorize to discover this puzzle. Pet Menage the prize is 2. He"s questioning how countless snakes he has. Hidden Puzzle No. 114In Priscutoo"s, tap the meat that"s hanging over his head. Tetrahedron Trial: The red and blue lines don"t should be right here, the prize is option C. Surprise Puzzle No. 115Tap approximately the consicion was standing at the abandoned Tent to discover this puzzle. Odd box Out: box D is the odd box out. Concealed Puzzle No. 116Tap the old shack on the Shack course to find this puzzle. The biggest Total: because you"re searching for the largest sum, why not use the largest possible number. 51 need to go in the center. Covert Puzzle No. 117Tap the window to the far right in the Tower roadway to uncover this puzzle. Painting a Cube: You have the right to only paint the cube uniquely 1 Time. Surprise Puzzle No. 118In the city Hall, madness the home window to the far back-right for a concealed puzzle. Red and Black Cards: there is constantly an equal proportion of red to black color cards. Therefore, the variety of red cards in one deck will always equal the number of black cards in the various other deck. If you inspect 1000 times, girlfriend will discover this to be true 1000 times. Covert Puzzle No. 119Tap the red authorize in hanging in the center of the path Entrance. Red and also Blue 1: This is a really tough one come describe and also would be simpler to just do it on your very own then to review a move-by-move description. It can be done in 30 moves, however it took me prefer 60 ~ above my very first try. Simply simply back and forth, use the small nook in the center to tuck one piece away and move others by. Friend will gradually make headway, to trust me. Puzzle No. 120Tap the open up manhole above from the Sewers below. Obtain the sphere Out! 3: slide the bottom-right blue block end to the right and drop that lower purple block in the slot through the hole. Now, fall the huge yellow block down. Fall the height purple block down one and also then reposition the top two blue blocks so they are emotional end-to-end straight under the red ball. Advanced the left green and the large yellow block up into the center. Slide the bottom-right-most blue block every the way to the left. Drop and also slide the other right-hand-side blue block as much left as it can go now. Fall the green block on the appropriate down and into the right-hand nook. Slide among the top blue blocks to the much right in addition to the yellow block and the right-hand blue block on the bottom. Fall the red ball all the way down to the bottom row. Relocate the left-hand environment-friendly block up into the ball"s starting slot and slide the yellow block every the means to the left. Move the bottom-right blue block up and the tiny purple one that blocks the hole. Now simply put the red ball right into the hole. Layton"s ChallengesPuzzle No. 121Inside The Inventor"s House. Diamond in the Flag: The diamond in the flag takes increase 1/8th of the space. Puzzle No. 122Inside The Inventor"s House. The next Die: pick Die C to go following in the pattern. Puzzle No. 123Inside The Inventor"s House. Loads of Triangles: friend will find 17 Triangles surprise here. Puzzle No. 124Inside The Decorator"s House. Absent Number: You have to input the Number 1 together the missing numbers. This pattern represents days from the finish of one year the start of a brand-new one. Puzzle No. 125Inside The Decorator"s House. Rojo the Die: The boy will certainly whisper 17 to himself. Puzzle No. 126Inside The Decorator"s House. Red and also Blue 2: This isn"t as well difficult. The key thing to carry out at first is come only emphasis on switching every the fancy balls from one next to the other. Don"t worry around their order just yet. Get the red balls to the red side and also the blue balls to the blue side, which we"ve excellent before. Start with moving a C out right into the facility nook and then sliding the C of opposite shade across. Simply flip-flop your way back and also forth switching out a sphere for a ball. When you have all the fancy balls ~ above the appropriate sides, friend can start to rearrange them. It took me around 100 plus moves in all yet it wasn"t really the difficult. Puzzle No. 127Inside The art Lover"s House. Perimeter Perplexer: include this tricky equation up because that a 26 Feet. Puzzle No. 128Inside The art Lover"s House. Number Lock: You need the one row and two columns to same 72. So, in the left tower from peak to bottom, 3,4,6. Then under the appropriate column, put 1, 9, and also 8. Currently put 2 in the center and also you"ve acquired it. Puzzle No. 129Inside The arts Lover"s House. Four Balls: Ok, move the Blue Block(in the bottom-left) to the right and also the eco-friendly Block down twice. Slide the Blue round out and also down once. Now slide the Blue Block, ~ above the right, all the means to the left. Brind the environment-friendly Ball down and also to the left 2 spaces. Take the green Block ~ above the right and bring it every the way up right into the nook. Move the Yellow round left and up twice. On slide the Blue Block along the bottom every the means other to the right. Move the huge Yellow Block down. On slide the Yellow round left and also up. Now move the huge Yellow Block ago up and to the right. Slide the environment-friendly Ball all the method down and to the right. Move the environment-friendly Block in the lower-left to the right and also up once. On slide the Red round up twice and also move the green Ball to the left and down into it"s slot. Now relocate the Red sphere down and also all the method to the right. On slide the environment-friendly Block down and also to the left. Take the Red sphere to the left and also then relocate it every the way up come the top. Move the large Yellow Block come the left and down. Autumn the Yellow ball down once and slide the green Block every the way down. Now move the Red ball to the right and up into its slot. Slide the upper Blue Block all the method to the left. Move the Yellow ball to the left and up right into its hole. On slide the Blue ball to the appropriate twice and the environment-friendly Block every the means up. Relocate the Yellow Block every the means to the left. On slide the upper Blue Block to the left and the eco-friendly Block up. Autumn the Blue ball down and to the right. Slide the huge Yellow Block come the right and up then move the Blue Block every the method to the left. Now just move the Blue ball down and to the hole on the right. Puzzle No. 130Inside The gold Apple"s House. Too countless Queens 5: This is a large board for this reason bare v it. From peak to bottom, we"ll call each row a letter indigenous A to H. A being the top row and also H being the bottom. From left to appropriate the colmuns will be labeled through numbers 1 through 8. This is only one of a couple possible options to the puzzle. Queen 1: B1 Queen 2: D2 Queen 3: F3 Queen 4: H4 Queen 5: C5 Queen 6: A6 Queen 7: G7 Queen 8: E8 Puzzle No. 131Inside The golden Apple"s House. More heavier or Lighter?: The answer to this problem alters everytime you try it or restart the so it"ll be difficult to tell you the in reality answer. Here are the three hints though. Note 1: It"s best to begin by putting four weights on every side that the scale. If the scale tips one direction, you understand that the four weights off the scale don"t save the weight you space looking for. If the scale stays level, you recognize that one of the four weights friend didn"t load on the scale is the irregular weight. Hints 2: If the scale tips after you weigh eight weights in the fashion defined in the first hint, take it one collection of weights off the scale and also keep the other 4 where lock are. Next, put the four unweighed weights ~ above the empty side of the scale. If you make it this far, every you need to do is small the possible choices under one much more time in the next step. Note 3: If your scale doesn"t reminder after your 2nd weighing as explained in the earlier hint, you know the odd weight is somewhere in ~ the four weights you took off the scale. If the scale tips in the very same direction together before, you know that the irregular load is somewhere within the four weights that you preserved on the scale. If it tips in the opposite direction than before, the weight you seek is among the four you loaded on the scale before the 2nd weighing. Puzzle No. 132Inside The golden Apple"s House. Princess in a crate 2: relocate the eco-friendly Block down twice and also the purple block come the right. Move the other Purple Block all the means up and also the lower-left green Block to the right and also up. On slide the Blue Block every the way to the right and also the huge Red Block down. Move the open eco-friendly Block all the method to the left adhered to by the eco-friendly Block below it i m sorry should relocate up and also to the left and then move the other eco-friendly Block come the left and then up. On slide the reduced Blue Block up and also the lower-right environment-friendly Block every the way to the left. Relocate the right-most environment-friendly Block down and twice to the right. Autumn the purple Block all the means down and the other Purple Block come the right. On slide the eco-friendly Block to the right and up and then move the Blue Block up. On slide the lower-left green Block up and right. Now relocate the large Red Block come the right. Autumn the green Block on the far-left every the way down followed by the other green Block. Slide the Blue Block in the middle all the way to the left. Move the top-right green Block down and also to the left. Slide the purple Block to the left and also the other Purple Block all the means up. Relocate the two eco-friendly Blocks come the right adhered to by the big Red Block to the best as well. On slide the green Block ~ above the much left come the right and down. Autumn the Blue Block down and also slide the various other two environment-friendly Blocks to the left in between the two Blue Blocks. Relocate the 2 Purple blocks to the left and also the two environment-friendly Blocks up all the way. Slide the huge Red Block over to the right. Fall the violet Block every the method down and the other Purple Block to the left. Relocate the environment-friendly Block to the left and up. Now merely slide the Red Block up and to the appropriate to victory. Puzzle No. 133Inside The Puzzle Master"s House. Complete the Equation: location the numbers in this order, ( 3 - 7 / 4 ) x 8 which will certainly equal 10. Puzzle No. 134Puzzle No. 134Inside The Puzzle Master"s House. Floor Disputes: This is pretty hard to discribe. You finest check the end the picture. Puzzle No. 135Inside The Puzzle Master"s House.

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This is a classic sliding puzzle called "The Red Donkey" or "L"�ne rouge". There are numerous solutions top top the internet.