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#2 posted on 15.5.06 1220.07 | immediate Rating: 8.86Originally posted by StingArmyAnybody know the present rule and/or the history?http://en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​The_Price_Is_Right#The_Showcase��rinberg Boudin rouge
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#3 posted on 15.5.06 1228.33 | instant Rating: 4.77To elaborate on do not be afraid Leader"s post:Originally posted by wikipedia.orgThe contestant nearest to the price of his very own showcase without going over wins his showcase. If both contestants walk over, no player wins his showcase. Start in the feather of 1974, if the winner is less than $100 far from (Seasons 2-26) or within $250 the (Season 27 onward) the price that his own showcase, he wins both showcases. If the 2 contestants are precisely the same distance from the actual prices (in other words, if over there is a tie) without going over, every wins his very own showcase; this has happened specifically once in the show"s history. If over there is a tie whereby the distinctions are within the twin Showcase range, both contestants victory both showcases; this has never happened.(I had already looked it up and also was around to short article when I witnessed HIS post....)There room 10 type of civilization in the world. Those that can read binary and also those that can"t.

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Wow, totally forgot the Glee was coming back. Fox did a devastating job at promoting the return of the collection last week.

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I would certainly have had actually no idea, but it popped up on my DVR once I was to run the treadmill at an early stage Wednesday morning.- turtlebayunlimited, Glee 5x10 - "Trio" (2014)Related threads: cleaning House...Price is right Style... - 6 Thousand Shows?!? - Where"s rod Roddy? - More...
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